Any 100% Working 360 to PS3 converters?

Hello, is there any possible Xbox 360 to PS3 Converters that are 100% Working Lag Free? Because I saw and read some threads on the XCM 360 and heard that was bad. Then I heard about the XCM KO GEAR being good. I want to purchase a SF4 FightStick SE for 360 but also be able to play on the PS3. The dual modded sticks are 200+ and at the time I have like only $120 to spend on a stick.


I would suggest doing the MC Cthulhu and Imp switch since I heard it is easier and cheaper.
Incase you need the link.

Oh, I don’t know how to mods sticks. So, that thread makes about 45% sense to me. lol.

i wanna buy XCM KO Gear as well, because installing Imp (Impboard and switch) requires soldering skill right? even though assembled Cthulhu PCB doesn’t require soldering…

Mayflash Max Shooter. I have one and it’s perfect, lagless with no dropped inputs.

It’s spendy though, and requires a wired 360 controller to pass security authentication.

I hear that laugh is selling some XConverter360s which are also amazing, and cheaper.

Did you read his post? Did you even read the topic title?

@OP if you have no idea how to solder, you should just head over to the trading outlet and hire someone to do the dual mod for you. It’s a lot niftier to have two PCBs in one stick than it is to use converters.