Any 3S OE Tourneys?


Does anyone know if the “tournament” option on 3S OE ever gets used? I’ve literally never been in one unless me and a group of players decide to start one up… If anyone’s interested in starting some weekly weekend online tournaments I’d be happy to attend/host em


couple of my members at still play 3s, look us up and post details and im sure they`d all be interested. im fairly new to 3s but id be interested, would give me some focus to learn it :slight_smile:


Is there a forum dedicated to 3S there? I can’t seem to find one lol


If you have PSN OE, talk to Xiong-Guard

sometime in the weekends. He occasionally makes one.


I used to think that guy was ryocho


Guess I forgot to mention I’m speaking to only XBL players


XBL suckssss. PSN has better players and better connection now.


I would play in an xbl tourney if you set it up with other folks.


xbl tourney plus nomore = lets let you beast for you can plus that’s just how.

play dumb and I will pump you


Aye funland I threw you a message on xxAcexx007’s account but yeah anyone who’s interested in some casual 8-man tourneys just hit me they’ll be chill


Ah, this is what you meant in that message. I can probably gather a few people together for it, gotta set a day and time though.




I want people from arcade infinity 2007 era to be in this tourney!!!


I can add one if theres enough interest or u can post it under current tournament