Any 510 players? Hercules/Pinole/San Pablo?

Looking for some local cats willing to play in the 510, preferably around the Pinole/San Pablo/Richmond border off Appian. There are some players in the Concord/Pleasant Hill area, but I’m trying to find some real ass local people so I don’t gotta kill my tank every time I feel like playing.

EDIT: Whoops. 3rd Strike is the game of choice. Forgot to mention.

what about martinez?

Well I’m in the Pablo right next to the casino.

I was actually looking for a competitive scene around here, but no matter where I look it seems the nearest scenes are in either Oakland or towards Concord. I go to school at DVC anyways, so I might as well look into players in the 925 area. I’m currently hella swamped with finals, but I’m down for some summer seshes if anyone’s willing.

EDIT: If anyone’s down to play any time during summer, just PM me here and I’ll drop the cell. I used to play with some dudes from DVC last semester, so I might be able to get more people to come through if they’re down.

I might be moving back to the Richmond area or somewhere around there sometime before August. I don’t really play 3S competitively anymore, but it’s better than fighting a training dummy.

Yeah the only ppl I know of in the East Bay are the guys over in Oakland like TigerCraneFist and that crew. I am in Emeryville and I’m always down to get some matches in with anyone local so if you wanna meet up let me know. If you’re close to a BART station I could come over and play you as well.

Oh shit. Fudd’s coming back. We need to start a carpool to hit up Oakland on Sundays. I work at the Circuit City in Emeryville and usually head over there(TigerCraneFists’ AKA Seth AKA Killa S AKA The Golden One) after work.

Do You Guys Play Marvel At All? Or Any Other Games Besides 3s?

I play CvS2 and ST(badly, might I add). I don’t have the attention span needed for marvel.

i play 3s and im decent in cvs2 and any other fighting game but marvel is where its at so if ur down pm me for some gg =)

I’m posted in Richmond, yo.
Near Nevin Ave/the BART station, and have wheels.

I’m ALWAYS down for 3s play (and GG play), I’ll PM you with my celly.

if you guys want some real marvel and 3s comp, look no further, I live in hercules. only problem is you’ll have to come over here because my means of transportation are extremely limited. drop me a pm if you’re interested.

i hear this guy has a hot sister too. more incentive to visit him.

i want to play some marvel and 3s. =)