Any 626 area musicians interested in covering SF music?

I’m a drummer/guitarist looking for some people interested in covering street fighter music.

Let me know.

Strange thread. Where is 626? I play guitar/bass and used to do VG covers. May be interested…

San Gabriel Valley, just east of LA. Where you located?

bass player here willing to cover
im in alhambra area

I would pay to hear SF music :tup:

I am from covina and play guitar. Seems like a cool idea. Where exactly in the 626?

I’m several miles away from SGV. I’m a pretty good air guitarist.

Perfect! You wanna come by sometime and we just play? I’m in monterey park and have everything set up here. you can use my bass or bring ur own.

you’re only like 10 miles from me. I’m in monterey park. Wanna get together with you, me and the bass guy and jam for a bit?

Air guitar welcome too!

Sweet where in Monterey Park are you? I know the area like the back of my hand so it would be sweet to meet up. And if you don’t mind me using your bass that would be awesome and yeah lets get together and jam.

I have a mini recording both in east la for free!! let me know what is up

I’m at garfield/newark. You know where good shine is?

maybe bring over your stick and play some SF too?

Do you have a drumset as well? :woot:

If not, I’m up for casuals in SF

By the chineese food place? If so then yeah I know where its at.

And I’m more of a pad player so I can bring over my pad if not if you wouldn’t mind letting me use your dual shock that would be cool.

Yes I have a drum set. And Yup right by that chinese restaurant good shine.

Sweet when are you free so we could jam.

Sweet, well if no one has filled in to do drums, I’ll volunteer.

I met Sal today for casuals, cool guy :cool:

Actually I play drums haha. I can play guitar too, but just rhythm.

I think weekends would be best. how about this saturday?