Any advice appreciated

What do you do you do against people spamming the following moves?
(1) Ken’s jab dragon
(2) Cammy’s Spiral Arrow
(3) Dan’s flying kick (dankukyanku)

This is playing online (PC) using Vega

Hey man. For ken’s light DP. If they are legit just midlessly mashing it. Then do something you knwo will bait it out. Like dash in from a safe distance that puts you close enough to block it and punish. Jump in from a safe distance to bait them into doing it as well. then punish. You have to go over your character’s options and see which moves can punish it and from what distance.

If they are just midlessly throwing out Cammy’s Spiral arrow. Same thing with Ken’s DP. Bait it out. Block then uses the opprpriate move to punish. Of you can just stuff it with a move that beats it if they’re dumb enough to toss that move out from a distance. Have Cammy perform that move in training and see which moves beat her spiral arrow.

Dan’s Flying kick. Now that one is pretty annoying lol. It’s the only thing that makes him worth using. Best answer to his kick is to use a normal that has good start up that can either stuff it or quickly punish. Or go for a grab right after the move ends. I.E Makoto’s

The short answer: block and punish, spacing permitting.

The longer answer: whenever you’re curious about how to deal with a particular move, you can 1) check frame data at the SRK wiki ( ) to see how safe/unsafe it is 2) use training mode to record the pattern you’re having a time beating to lean how to deal with it.

Yeah this is pretty much a short’n’sweet to the point version of what I said. Thank you. I need to learn to shorten my explanations.

I think we posted kind of at the same time, or I had a browser open for a bit. I didn’t see your post before I hit the button.

Dan tatsu pressure can be mitigated by blocking the tatsu while standing.
He gets big frame advantage on crouching opponents, while light danku is 0 on block if you block it standing.

Generally you want to keep him out of ranges where he can light tatsu you.

Also jumping danku is so negative on block that you can reversal it.
Dunno if Vega’s ultras can punish it, a reversal uppercut can.
Check out his frame data.

If you’re playing as Vega you can be a scumbag and spam flip and switch up between flying Barcelona or rolling crystal flash.

Anything else I would’ve said has already been said. Art seems to always be on top of the ball when it comes to giving advice to newbies.

Which is funny, cuz I’m shit at the game.

Thanks for this. I did not know you could set it up this way.

To be fair, theory and execution are 2 different things. I know people who are pretty godly at theorycrafting/advice for League of Legends but they are ass juice when it comes to putting their own words to good use.