Any advice for a poor little noob?


Hello. I got this game yesterday and I’m sucking major ass!

For starters, I can’t do the X-Factor thing unless I completely move my hand on the xbox controller.

Okay, next thing is (this will sound pretty stupid) I mess up the LMHS jump MMHS combo because for some reason I end up doing a special move.

I’ve been using:

Magneto / Nova / Dr. Strange (I don’t know why)


Try changing your button layout to make X-factor easier. Pushing two buttons with one thumb isn’t ideal given the speed of this game.

Show the inputs in training mode when you’re doing your combos to find out why a special move is coming out. Then train your fingers to correct the button inputs until they feel like second nature. You’ll need to spend a lot of time in training mode as a new player.


As stated, change your button layout to make it easier. I have my buttons set so that I activate XF by pressing S and Right Trigger. It works for me, but just keep messing around until you find a custom layout that you’re comfortable with.

As for execution, just keep practicing and try taking it slow at first. You don’t want to try doing a long combo in one go since that’ll only get you irritated due to dropping it. Also, chunk your combos in smaller parts when practicing them. Do one part of the combo repeatedly until you’re able to do it flawlessly. From there move on to the second part and slowly start putting the combo together.

Other then that, just keep grinding it out in Training Room. We all gotta start somewhere =P


Definitely get used to grinding in the Training Room. Get a better feel for the characters you want to use. And don’t be afraid to try all the characters to see what feels right for you.

Also, don’t get bummed when you get destroyed online. Online really doesn’t mean a whole lot, so don’t live or die by what your wins and losses look like.

Oh yeah, and have fun.


Practice, practice, practice.

Soon you will be able to do things that you had never thought you could do.


I personally think your team is more suited for a more experienced player as all of your characters with maybe the exception of Nova require precise execution.

Start out with the easier characters, then move on to the ones you really like once your execution is on point


Yeah, all your characters require a good/great amount of execution. I agree with trendsetta.


I got this game two weeks ago and I am also finding it hard to actually get good. It’s like you have to spend months in training mode just to be able to realistically play online. Other than spending tons of time in training mode, is there anything else I should be focusing on? I play Morrigan/Dante/X-23 for what it’s worth.


training mode just long enough to learn basic combos for your characters, then play against other people to learn how to land hits effectively. ToD combos and advanced mixups can come later, the ability to land a hit and confirm it into a combo is the most important skill in the game.


Problem is whenever I go online I get utterly destroyed. I’m not learning anything because I just get hit once and then I’m helpless until I get KO’ed. I need to play against people my level but everyone online has been playing for months upon months and it’s not really a fair fight. Would you suggest playing against the CPU? Does that help?


is this your first fighting game? because getting absolutely blown up is pretty common at the start. i wouldn’t recommend learning how to land hits on comp opponents, but you could definitely learn how to block from them. set the AI dummy to hard and just focus on not getting hit. this will help you get the feel for lows/highs/throws and how to respond to each accordingly. once you feel pretty comfortable blocking, go back online and don’t forget what offline taught you. It’s ideal that you wouldn’t have to block in this game, but strong defensive skills can actually go a long way at the start.

other than that, keep trying online. if you find someone at roughly your level, friend request them and ask for matches regularly. it’ll be a good way for both of you to improve.


Just because you get destroyed does not mean you are not learning. Try to evaluate how you got hit, what hit you, and how you can guard against it. Try to find a lobby that is “regulated” by rank and skill. I tend to go into “newbie” friendly rooms when I am looking to try out a new team online.

I think that is the hardest thing in Marvel, it’s not very forgiving for being hit.


It’s not my first fighting game, but I’ve never really tried to practice fighting games; I usually just play with my friends, who are also noobs. However I don’t have any friends who have UMvC3, so I play online and don’t really have any fun. I do want to get better, but I don’t really have the time to spend hours every day just sitting in training mode to get better.

I didn’t know there are newbie lobbies, how do I find those? I just go on ranked matches but the people I get matched with are really good, even though they have only played 5-10 games.


for starters, avoid ranked battles. you can’t rematch your opponents, so you are just about incapable of learning anything from them. i’d suggest either Player Matches or lobbies built for new players.

second of all…if you’re serious about getting better, it’s going to involve hours in training mode. not necessarily hours a day, but at least one hour a day drilling combos and experimenting with your characters is pretty much the norm for getting better. are you looking to play the game seriously or just online?


Just online really, I’m not interested in competing in tournaments and the like. I just like Marvel and Capcom characters and thought this game looked fun from what I saw in EVO. It’s definitely fun when I’m playing against the CPU on easy, but obviously I do want to get better and go online and be able to hold my own.

And I don’t mind spending a few hours a week practicing - I’ve been spending an hour a day over the past few weeks doing that - but the problem is I don’t really feel like I’m making progress. Yes I can do a combo into a launcher into a hyper, but just moving around the screen and getting to my opponent without him lighting me up is hard. I consider myself pretty good at most games, but I feel like I just do not get this game and I’m not sure why.


if you’re struggling to land your hits, then your best bet is what i mentioned before with beginner lobbies and player matches. confirming your hits into combos really isn’t something you can effectively practice against the CPU, since it randomly decides when to block and when it will get hit, as opposed to you being able to force mistakes from your human opponent. just keep at it, friend request people who are roughly on your level, and don’t lose heart. everyone at one point was in the exact same position as you are now, and with enough work anyone can evolve past it.

that said, definitely avoid ranked matches. as i said before, your inability to rematch your opponent really hurts your ability to learn from your mistakes. furthermore…most people who are playing ranked aren’t looking to get better when they do, and you will often find people really abusing online-only tactics. i personally ranked myself so i wouldn’t be fighting beginners any more and then completely stopped ranked mode.


Alright I’ll give these newbie lobbies a shot - I literally did not know they existed until this thread, and they sound perfect. And yes, confirming my hits into combos is something I have no idea how to do and I can already tell my game is suffering due to this.


For controller users, I always suggest you to xfactor with Right trigger (L+M+H) and A or X (S).

Understand the game by playing simple characters such as Hulk or Nemesis. Do your combo S to MMHS then Quarter Circle forward to right trigger.


No, save your triggers. You need at least 3 of them for the 2 assists and dashing. Instead, map L+M+H and S to L3 and R3 (or whatever the equivalent is on an Xbox controller).


The way I currently have it mapped is the assists are on the bumpers (360), L+M+H is right trigger, and S is A. So to dash I hit RT, and to X-Factor I hit RT+A. Works out pretty well.

I can do regular combos into launchers to MMHS to hyper. I just need to figure out how to hit confirm into my combos, since I can’t pull that off in live matches.