Any advice on making my wordpress blog look nicer?

About a month ago i installed a wordpress blog on Sonic Hurricane to try posting articles, video clips, etc. on a regular basis. Unfortunately i’ve got no idea what i’m doing when it comes to changing the layout (or web/graphic design in general).

Are there any quick and easy ways i can make it look more professional without accidentally making it tacky or cluttered in the process?

There’s some nice looking themes you can apply to your blog and I believe you can edit them afterward.

Have you tried looking at the other themes they have? Something with a customer header perhaps, or one that’s justified to the left instead?

I’m hella lazy so I just picked an orange and black theme for mine (WHICH I NEVER UPDATE) and go along with it when I add images.

What do you guys think of iNove? That’s the only one i really liked out of all the themes i browsed through.

There’s a lot of inspirational designs you can look at generally has a lot of resources on there for WordPress as well.

Um, yeah, literally ALL of that is beyond me. Those sample designs are downright terrifying.

There are some free one to download ones somewhere on SmashingApps that are professional and minimalistic looking if you dig through it a little.

iNove looks sweet. Minimalistic and sleek.

I like the one I use.

Simplicity is always the best.

What do you guys think? I’m pretty happy with iNove at the moment. Not very colorful but it is fairly straightforward and clean.

I tried one of the super-minimalist monochrome layouts but it was a little too dry.