Any advise on how to beat an outstanding Balrog with Blanka...Anyone?



Hey there…I am an XBox Live player on the GP grade. I use as my main Blanka, and I am getting in big trouble trying to beat a couple of Balrogs, that make me crap when I play against them. Any useful advise would be appreciate it.


Here is the strat I use, and my life got a lot easier…of course it’s not fun, but it takes them out of their game (and pros will probably point out all it’s faults).

He’s going to turtle/walk back…it’s just what they do. so I go back to the other side and spam electricity to build meter. He’ll do one of the following

  1. do dash punches to move forward…you can slide him while he does this (hit jab a few times to make him think you’re going for electricity again, but don’t actually start the electricity.
  2. spam headbutt to also build meter, but you can hori ball him after you see him do it (before he hits the ground)
  3. walk toward you cautiously…hardest to deal with, slide or short ball into throw/electricity kinda works. or just EX rainbow roll to get out of the corner and repeat.

These give him fits because he’s used to blankas coming after him. Once you knock him down with electricity or slide, cross up stuff.

The problem: you must be willing to sit there like an idiot spamming electricity full screen and possibly draw. The idea is it’s a terrible matchup, so this crap option is better than actually attacking. On the plus side, you’re pissing him off as much as Balrogs usually piss off blanka every day.

The hope is you get a couple solid hits in while he’s figuring out what to do…so you have the lead…and can continue. If you lose a lead, you’re dead.


Thanks a lot man for your post. I believe I have try most of what you described; the thing is that the two or three Balrogs that I am talking about are actually not going for the turtle position and are pretty offensive and deadly with the accurate hit according to any of my movements. They are indeed very good Balrogs; but I totally agree with you, I normally end up desperate and attacking (suicide) him, that leads the fight to a bad result, for me of course.
Thanks again


Unplug his controller :wink:


Hard matchup. I enjoy the challenge. Get a lead and then play defensive. I still lose more than win against him :frowning:

If he jumps c MP nails him or c HP if far.

If he’s walking forward he’s not charged. Ball him if your not that far away. He can hit you out of ball so beware.

If he FAs, throw if close. EX electricity, crouch then counter, or dash/hop into throw if a step away. Ball into elec/ throw or ignore if at a distance.

C HP is a good poke at a distance and used early will counter his rushes even Ultra, but slide might be a bit easier. I think he can counter C HP (and C HK) with a LP into combo with good timing or maybe some option select. C MP can replace it.

Only slide on reaction if you slide too much he can bait and headbutt over into throw

You can throw him out of any rush punch with precise timing. EX rushes are easier. May not be possible if its a short rush. If he uses short ones, just use c HP.

Coward crouch then immediately into L electricity will nail his rushes also(probably not the overhead).

Be ready to punish a missed headbutt.

His jabs are insane and setup his super, ultra, or a nice combo so don’t get hit by them. C MP will stop those pesky jabs.

Occasionally as a change of pace you may want to try a crossup combo. End it with electricity or a FA. Don’t use when he has down charge or meter. Can EX headbutt you out of it.

If your playing a turtling Balrog save meter for super. Use FAs.

Try LP ball into electricity or throw (if close) or c MP, FA, or sweep if a step away. Can also use rainbow rolls the same way.

I’m not a professional, and I hope other people have info on this 2nd hardest matchup of Blanka. PLease point out any mistakes I made too. I don’t want to pass out bad strategies.


Thanks man, I am doing a little bit better now against Balrogs, although I am still lossing more thank winning, but improving.


You can throw him out of his dash punches, but jesus is the timing strict.


Good to see you’ve improved. heck writing this and studying Balrog in training mode has improved me to where I beat Balrog more then I lose now!

Simpler plan:

I think it’s best just to throw him out of the EX rushes. Crouch into LP electricity works for the normal ones, if your fast with it. Try to get a throw in. Ball or hop close into electricity a few times, mixup with FA a step away from ball or hop, or crossover combo finishing with electricity or FA.


Thanks again, a real mix is what takes me to win the match, but timming is so freaking exact, or I get punished really bad he he!!


Electricity is your friend in this matchup. Zap him once or get a knockdown and then start using horz ball for distancing and end with electricity and keep zapping him. Jumping crossup MK is also a good tool on wakeup. His headbutt is slow and it’s not hard to time your j. MK to offset him. You can bait a lot of headbutts with safe jumps and early crossup jumps on wakeup. At worst, if you mistime it and he goes for headbutt, he still won’t be able to ultra because of the crossup. Mix up the crossup MK with either an elec combo or throw. If you’ve got a turtling rog that likes to sit down and jab, walk up just outside of jab range and use s. MP. It will beat most of his jabs - but only do a couple or he might headbutt.


jab xx electricity dash punches on reaction.


I have hated this match up since day one, i have alot of balrog player friends. Not all balrogs are the same…the good ones have their anti air ready at all times especially C. HP. My methods are actually kinda different from most. I short roll into proximity then overwhelm with cross ups, i grab after the first blocked hit, or just empty jump into grab.

I also like playing the footsie game with em, but you gotta be in the proper range and have real good reaction…C. HP is great but its slow and if in the wrong range you can get swept instantly. If you keep throwing out c mps or hps…and the balrog crounching patiently…that usually means their gonna headbutt when yer limb is out…

like someone else said earlier, short roll grabbing is good unless you got people online turbo jabbing, ive been seein alot of this lately. full screen medium roll can throw off a rogs timing but i dont do this much unless i feel the rog is less advanced, cause they can headbutt that instantly.

I hope this helps, ive always been a show it type a guy, not so much an explainer.


Well first you have to really understand you’re opponent in this match-up. Different Rogs require different styles; you have the options though so don’t worry.

So in the first game against the Balrog you are going to gauge his aggressiveness; usually the good thing for you is that Balrog players are always 1 dimensional. They are either extremely Aggressive or extremely defensive(countery).

So I’ll start with against Aggressive Rogs and what you can do against them:

So we agreed that you’ll be gauging your Rog in the first game so you’ll be semi-turtling; Put in mind that spacing your self from an aggressive Rog player is going to give him ALOT of options to build meter; which can be bad for you later on in the game, especially if he’s collecting that meter for super. Try to see if the Rog is using his meter or not; and how he’s using it if he’s throwing EX-dash punches you have the advantage; use your electricity and a variation of EX roll and LP Roll. You use the variation because both have different recovery times on hit and it’ll throw off the punishment of 99% of them. If he is poking you out and closing in on you slowly you’ll need to turtle and once he’s close enough in footsie range begin doing s.lp while charging back if he walks back know your range and do a LP roll into grab or electricity mix up. If he starts doing dash punches at footsie range attempt to anticipate and grab him out of it(hard to pull off but will demoralize him).

Against turtling Rogs I’m not going to go in depth as the match up is ones that I truely hate. Most turtlers are stupid and you can bate them out; however the “pro” turtlers are going to give you trouble; you’ll need to get the damage advantage and do your runaway game. NEVER let him put you in the corner; he will punish you no matter what option you have. Try to cross him up and do your shenanigans as much as possible. One method I do to tick him out is i cross him mk into s.lp xx electricity then go into another cross and do the same thing; then the third time attempt to fake cross up and instead do a jump in HK into bnb once you have a health advantage show you him you can turtle better than him this fight will not be in your favor against well skilled Rogs otherwise.


Zap, chase with horiz balls and re-zap, and mess his charge up by crossing him up to re-zap him, grab, make him run… then turtle and wait for an opening to repeat. That’s just how I generally do it and its made me like playing against rogs.


Funny, that seems to be the general strategy for every Blanka match up.


U R right man, different rogs require different strategy. On Xbox, the guy that is # 1 on Championship mode, is an awesome Rog, he combines agressiveness with turtling perfectly and as I mentioned before, his manage of spacing is great and the right punch or kick button to avoig electricity is very good too…when you try to mix trying to grab him, bad idea, he is pretty good to grab you faster. Thanks again for all the comments.