Any advise on my q play?

The other guy is pretty scrubb llol :slight_smile:
EDIT:one Oro whoopise =p
EDIT2: i usually dont play that offensive but the guy i was fighting seriously sucks.
Edit3: this was pretty long ago

These are pretty hard to watch. Minor things to note-

-There were a few missed combo opportunities off jump in Fierce. Don’t be so hellbent on landing Captures that you miss out on free damage.

-It’s usually better to block Ryu’s Hurricane Kick standing. It makes it easier to punish with c.MK xx whatever.

-More slaps as punishment. Same for cr.MK. Lots of dumb shit got away without being reacted to accordingly.

Also, follow your heart.

Thanks Most of the people that i play block the jump in feirce lol and i usally get them with c&db but this guy just kept eating them so i missed alot :slight_smile:

Get you fighting me dillon…it will help them more

Personally I would say you got a lot of lucky SA1 lands in the first match with Ryu. Also, I don’t know if standing LK is a good move to greet a waking shotokan.

The 3 main attacks I use against people waking up are; roundhouse grab (at max distance, many people will be blown away by its reach.) After they get thrown around a bit and start waking up aggressive start throwing in some distant crouching roundhouses. This attack is all active frames and its hard to actually hit Q if done correctly. If they block, most won’t be ready with a return with anything, especially if you hit with the tips of your feet. This is actually really good for stuffing all kinds of junk like shoryukens and what not. Finally, the Back roundhouse kick into claw swipes (why do all of these use roundhouse?) This hits people who like to wake up with a jump away but also hits low at first (Pretty sure its low, maybe counts as mid?). But anyways, its a great way to lock the opponite in place while u get 3 slivers of chip in. Its also pretty safe assuming you didn’t fuck up the swipes and land on your face.

stick to oro

man…the advice you give around here is so godly.

Dont listen to him dillon your oro lost to stephen o_O my sean dominates oro -.-

Yeah i was thinking about that

true i lost to that god awful guybut my oro dose allright against the guys at the den :)? Guess we will find out today who i pick when i come over:wink:

Well man i want Q in team tournie…will decide who you pick in singles…and judging on how you do in singles we might switch it for team