Any Akuma players? [SFxT]

I’ve decided to use The Demon as one of my four characters (Lars, Akuma, Guy, and Abel) and I need some tips for using him.

  • What are some good BnBs for him that I should be utilizing? I’ve been trying to do cr.lp > > xx lk.tatsu, hp.DP but getting the link from is to is next to impossible most of the time.

  • How should I generally go about using him in a match?

  • And which of the aforementioned characters would compliment The Demon best?

Any help is appreciated!

His basic BnB is st. fp xx lk tatsu xx FP SRK. You can add in st. jab after the tatsu and even a st. fp, though it can be hard to time. Hit up SSF4Evo’s channel and check out what the Akuma’s there are doing. I’m a safe player so I go for guaranteed damage instead of flash.

How should you use him? When you’re at a distance, throw air and ground fireballs. Eventually your opponent will get in, so use cr. mk xx hado for safe chip, sweep for knockdown, and cr. mp to hit-confirm into st. rh xx launcher. AA with FP SRK.

I’ve been playing Akuma x Yoshi and Akuma x Lars lately, I like the way they work. Can’t comment on Guy and Abel, don’t know much. If you’re interested, PM me and I’ll give you my Youtube. I have match videos there and some small tutorials and combo vids for Akuma.

Should probably look and post in here for more pertinent information: