Any All ages weekly Seattle tournements


I’ve been trying to find an all ages, or at least 16+, weekly tournament that i can go to in the Seattle area. I want to learn through experiance, and looking through the information I haven’t found any Weeklys that fill that need.

Also, it would be nice to have a place that loans out Pads, since it’s all X-box around here, and i have a PS3 (I got it 100$ off, so don’t say I should have got an X-box), and no spare money to buy mayself a normal stick, let alone a duel-mod stick.

Can anyone help?


Were you looking specifically for the Seattle area? Otherwise, Gameclucks up in Lynnwood holds weeklies on Thursdays.
Gamebreakerz down in Auburn has weeklies on Tuesdays.
Shoryuken UW holds meets on Fridays.

In terms of lending pads, I usually have my ps2/360 converter so if you have a psx pad, you could bring it.


I don’t think I still have my one of those, and I will look into those tournaments when school gets out, can’t really go to them that easily when you have to study for finals coming up