Any American style joysticks that work for SE FightStick?


I really have no experience working with American parts, but are there any American style joysticks that could fit in the SE? I have two SE sticks now, and I like to play Japanese style for most games, but with the recent XBLA/PSN release of MvC2, I’d like to mod the other stick to be American style. Let me know, please. I read the How to mod your SE fighstick thread, and all it mentions is Japanese styles. Sorry in advance, if I missed something.


I honestly don’t think any Happ parts will fit the SE Fight stick. The best I can tell you to do is buy a JLF with a bat-top and circular gate. That’s about as close as an SE can get to the American arcade feel.

I think you’re SOL on the buttons, though.


Alright, that’s what I was going to resort to if I had no other options.

I can work with Japanese buttons, that was never a big issue with me.

Thanks for the help.


Your best bet would be to just buy a 360 modded SFAC stick or something. Sadly you’re not going to get any happ parts into an SE.


There is upchuck who put Happ Buttons into his Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick?.

People been asking him how he do.
But he not answer. :sad:
You can try your luck with him through Private Message.

There was also this little Thread.


I decided to PM him. Hopefully (for whatever reason) he’ll let me in on how to do. That looks really nice. Thanks for the post.


Thanks for the suggestion, and if I can’t get anything figured out, I might do that. But the only reason I’m interested in this right now is because I just happen to have an extra SE that I won, so I figured I might as well make it useful. Again, thanks for the suggestion.


You don’t think an LS-32-01 would be the better choice here? Tighter springs, less throw and smaller dead zone.


That sounds like a perfect substitute. Thanks for pointing it out. Does it work as a drop-in replacement for the SE stick?


It sure does. The only difference is you have to turn the harness upside down when you install it.


Alright, perfect. Thanks for clearing that up. Sounds like this is gonna be close enough for me.


The LS-32 also has a round gate available, which you may be interested in.


If you’re looking for a more American-style feel, I would recommend the LS-56 over the LS-32 or JLF. LS-56 is much tighter and has an octagonal gate available and can be fitted with the Sanwa bat tops as well.

Oh, and you’ll also need an MS mounting plate for the LS-56 (should be available from most sellers that offer it) if you plan on putting it in an SE stick.


definitely. ls56 all the way.


In addition to what’s already been mentioned in regards to the harness, you have to turn the mounting plate 90 degrees. But the most hardcore tool you’ll need is still a screw driver.


Hm. It sounds like I have more choices than I thought. Can anyone suggest any Japanese buttons that have a concave or any other features that may give me a more American feel and will fit in the SE Fighstick without any modification?


the only thing i can think of about japanese buttons is that the seimitsu buttons feel a bit stiffer to me than sanwa. so it’d probably be a good bet to go all seimitsu.

seimitsu also make buttons with a more “flat” top than what most of the japanese buttons are like, so that could be an option.


Alright, thank you. I’ll look into it. All of these responses have been very helpful. I’ll do a bit more looking around, and probably order some parts later this week. Thank you all for the help.


The PS-14-G is plane and as mentioned is ‘stiffer’ than your standard OBSF-30. But it’s still far from a Happ button IMO. An LS-32-01 with a round gate and a bat top should go a long way in imitating a Happ stick if you ask me, but as far as buttons go I don’t know if there’s anything standard 30mm that’ll come close.


Is the LS-32 a better choice than JLFs when using a octo gate and bat top? I got a SE Stick and I was wondering the same thing