Any arcades in France...;?

im here visiting family im staying in Lille about 2 hours or so away from Paris… i know there is a sf4 machine somewhere there, but is there anything closer to my area? marvel?

did you ever find your answer? and do you know where in paris there’s a sf4 machine?

This is the only arcade with SF4 in Paris:

Weekends are best for competition and you can also post here if you are looking for players:

There’s another arcade in a more central location but they don’t have SF4 (3s, ST, Blazblue, GGXX, KOF games):

There’s nothing in Lille AFAIK.

Does anybody host like… weekly game nights or anything?

Arcade Street. Kayane goes there. Login | Facebook

Putting a word in for business. It looks so empty, it needs it.
arcade otaku forum thread about it: Arcade Otaku • View topic - Arcade Street, Paris

it’s in paris.
article about it:

address and address of another arcade:

hope this helps!
au revoir!