Any Arcades In/Near Los Gatos?

My cousin just moved here, and we used to go to Nickle City but that closed, so I’m looking for some place for me and him to enjoy some 3s or MvC2. CvS2 is also sick, but not a top priority. Anyone got any ideas? We’ve heard something of a place in downtown Los Gatos behind a Safeway but we don’t know what games are there

We can’t do too much driving, we probably have no car today, but we’d just like to know what’s around

No arcades in Los Gatos

Sorry, we’ve got a few machines in 7-Elevens and Mountain Mike’s and Round Table Pizza, but Los Gatos is not big on arcade games. Not too far up the freeway in Milpitas, they’ve got Dave & Busters, which has more than a few. Hope it helps.

Editor, Los Gatos Observer .com

I think San Jose Golfland is the closest arcade to Los Gatos that has the games you play. San Jose State is probably the best arcade open to everyone in the area these days. There’s still SVGL and MGL…Dave and Buster’s doesn’t have any of the games you play…and there’s a curfew if you’re under 21. Once you drive into San Jose, the other places aren’t very far away.

Guess we’ll just have to make those trips up to MGL or SJGL

San Jose State has great competition on 3S and CvS2