Any arcades in San Francisco?


My wife and I are going to visit San Francisco after EVO (we’re from Brazil) and I’m wondering if there’s any good arcades there to play some SSFIV AE.

Thankx in advance :smiley:

  1. Southtown Arcade. It’s downtown and near public transit, so it’s easy to get to.
  2. This should probably be in the Pacific North regional section
  3. If this is your first time in SF, don’t spend too much time at an arcade. There’s a ton of stuff to see/do here.


I wont spent too much time there, 2hours at max, I just want to see the enviroment :smiley:


There is as previously mentioned, Southtown Arcade. It is on the south side of a tunnel that leads to SF Chinatown. But if you are going to be in San Francisco, I agree don’t waste all your time in there, stay only 1 hour there. I used to live in Downtown SF.

For shopping I suggest you go to the Haight District which is closer to the center away from downtown cooler stuff and more affordable than the overpriced upscale Union Square/Market Street boutiques. Stay away from neighborhoods like the Tenderloin. Don’t take buses that lead to the South East corner of the city like Hunter’s point and Visitation Vally. If you look like a tourist then you look like a mark needing to get robbed.

Then there is the SBC Baseball park to walk along north the Embarcadero and to end up at the piers and fisherman’s Worf. If you like parks, there is golden gate park and ocean beach. To much to do, it sucks to only visit SF for one day.

Also there is Game Center which is in a downtown San Mateo, which is about 30 minutes drive south of SF.