Any arcades in San Francisco?

Hello, I’m going to San Francisco this summer and I was wondering if there are any good arcades there.
That is all. Thanks.

EDIT: Or in Monterey?

If you’re going to be in San Francisco, SFSU is the place to be.

Popular games are 3S and CVS2. They also have Marvel, Melty Blood, Tekken, and GG (they only have Slash). Games there are also pretty cheap. 3S and CVS2 are only a quarter. I think Tekken and Melty Blood might be the only games that cost 50 cents (out of the fighting games). The bad thing is that SFSU rack n cue (the arcade) is tied to the schools schedule, so hours get cut down to 9-6 Monday through Friday or something lame like that in the summer.

Good thing 3s and CVS2 is my main games :slight_smile:

Expect some swedish madness this summmer.
Thanks alot for the info ^^

Still pissed they took CVS2 out of Metreon.

I remember going there back when SSF2 first came out, it was on this huge screen and the metreon was packed with spectators for the new game.

I edited my post. The SFSU only has GG Slash. They took out AC.

WTF why would they take out AC? That’s bizzaro.

I hear that SFSU traded their Accent Core machine for SJSU Melty Blood machine.

u sure it was the metreon?

One more thing: were is SFSU located?


650 sucks, there’s nothing but a SvC Chaos machine somewhere in Foster City and I think the ice skating rink in Bridgepoint has X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

Actually, The Great Entertainer in San Mateo has Samurai Showdown 2 but one of the sticks are broken

Still no one ever plays these

Does Metreon have 3s? I’m about a 15 minute walk from there but I didn’t even know they had an arcade!

yes check the metreon tilt thread…

It’s located at the southern end of San Francisco kind of in the Sunset district (maybe a little outside of it). It’s pretty close to Daly City, too.

I am pretty sure it was, it was a very big arcade near the pier I believe.

yeah… let me know when you’re going and I can meet up for some games…

That’s the riptide arcade at pier 39.

Hey haunts, pretty sure we’ve played some 3s on nfba.

I’d definitely be up for going there. Does the cab have american sticks?