Any articles on just good strategy in sf?


Just general strategies that can help anyone in general ( rules for teching; the does and “don’ts” of good street fighter play. I know good players have written some threads on srk but just trying to find a good “general” one of good tournament play


Are you looking for some more technical details? (Don’t jump, what are throw techs, what are frametraps?)

or are you looking for something more like a general mantra/feel/state of mind you should be in to learn from your mistakes? Either help.


Anything! lol at this point, I concentrated on combos and matchups, but forgot that when I was 12 years old I used to play Street fighter II turbo at Sedano’s Supermarket and beat people by mashing crouching short. Stupid strategy, but it won. Now Im trying these crazy traps and set ups and forgeting basic stuff. I just need a refresher. Thanks


A lot of this is ST-related, but the basics can be applied to all fighting games. You’ll have to thumb through it and see for yourself which is which.

A very insightful section of the SRK forums that deals more with the mental aspects of SF. A must-read for all new players.

The most comprehensive guidebook on principles of the ‘footsies’ game. If you want to step up your game to the highest levels of play, these are worth studying, practicing, and seeing for yourself which styles you gravitate towards.


Footsie Handbook in my signature.

Domination 101 in my signature.


good stuff thanks


Thanks guys :slight_smile:


I was gonna link to the footsies handbook, but it’s already been mentioned. So I’ll just second that recommendation because seriously, everyone should read it.


Yes still reading great stuff. I have been playing for over 15 years and still did not stumble upon these great reads. Probably because I didn’t care about this competitively but now I do :wink: These articles are on the money.


imo the sirlin stuff isn’t great for beginners, save his much later articles about playing to learn, which is more of what you should be doing, but cant hurt to read. eltrouble and Kikuichimonji nailed it :tup:


Yeah, Footsies Handbook seems to be what you need.


Whatever happened to the John Choi articles where he interview top players and how they approached footsies/matches?


I think parts of it as relevant to beginners, especially the concepts of controlling space as a means to control the outcome of the match, instead of just mashing buttons. I guess I should’ve just time-stamped parts of the beginner tutorial.

It’s still in the SRK archives for the main page. Just use the search engine and you should find them. This is assuming they weren’t somehow lost during the forum transition.


It’s a lost cause sadly. links to all 7 days and none of them work.


Took 5 seconds worth of searching.