Any AU buildes/modders here?

i have a couple of guys around sydney asking me to do customs/mods for them and shipping is outrageous. i’d prefer to save them some money by hooking them up with someone local.

Im one of them. if there r any Sydney arcade stick modders interested in modding my Hori Fighting stick 2, pls postup!! The Au dollar dropped a lot. Shipping is just insane with overseas sticks. :crybaby:

I am a stick builder in Brisbane Australia. I am currently doing a run of 9 sticks.
I have a variety of Japanes parts in stock and use accurate AutoCAD templates.

Hey AMX.
Do you have any examples of your work? You’re likely to get commissions for quite a while if people like what they see. Finding people who make sticks in Australia is difficult.

AMX, just emailed u. Would like to see some of work too. :slight_smile:

I am developing a metal arcade stick at the moment that will be professionally painted or powder coated,
laser cut using AutoCAD Template with correct joystick height.

The one off batch is 16mm timber covered in white melamine 335mm X 235mm X 90mm.
They will have a laser cut lexan over metal top allowing for artwork. Message me for a pic.
I would rather not post (a basic timber stick) until I have my metal prototype finished.

What button layout template do most AU gamers use … 6 button ? (+ some 8 Button)

Im getting metal cutting done next week and don’t know what mix of templates to use…
I was thinking Astro City Player 1 (2 x 8 Button), (5 x 6 Left Buttons) and
2 x Virtua Stick 9 Button Variation I have made for XBOX 360 VF5 / SC4 that has
symmetrical distance between all colour coded buttons.

AMX360 do you also do mods on the Hori Fighting Stick EX2? Modding them into all Sanwa parts?

foxworthy21 : Yes I can mod an Ex2 !

The buttons are easy, but the stick is a little more involved.
You can semi mod using the top plastic of the hori stick or do it properly and bolt an entire JLF to top of the case.
The PCB does not have common ground so the JLF needs 8 wires and the sanwa common ground disabled!
(there are examples of DOA4 & EX2 mods on SRK if you search)

I have taken a picture of the Sanwa buttons I have in stock.
I posted back to you the other day but the message got moderated due to HTML.