Any basic combos?

I find myself just throwing AFTER i parry a predictable shoryuken etc on opponents wakeup. Besides an SA, is there any other combo that punishes with maximum damage [beside b.HP -> fireball]

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probably s/c.hp xx mk sbk?

sorry english please?

s.hp link MK ? does that link?

does sbk link aswell? wouldnt work for me, ex sbk does


That is English. Standing or Crouching HP cancels into MK SBK. afaik won’t link into SBK, and linking into EX SBK is IMO a waste of meter.

Standing HP doesn’t cancel into anything… Doom probably meant b+HP, but that requires slightly better execution. c.MK x short SBK does combo as well.

so b.HP into M.SBK?

im gonna test this out, its never worked.

why wouldn’t it work? it definitely works

SBK = spinning bird kick right?
have my doubts cause u gotta buffer down for 2 sec !

Charge down, then back+fierce quickly cancelled into mk sbk. It’s a good combo to use if you block a shippuu. It won’t happen very much, but it’s good to know