Any BBQ Nuts here on SRK?


yeah you should be. How the fuck do you fuck up bbq? especially if your a man?


LOL I love the commentary on this video. This guy made me laugh several times even thought he’s not trying to be funny!

I’m definitely going to try making the bacon explosion pork bomb soon.


Wait you have a what now?

Used to love grilling on my parents setup, since I moved out though I mostly just use the George Foreman for convenience. Not anywhere near the fucking same thing, I miss grilling. :frowning:


I said it burned in the opening post. How do you fucking fail at reading comprehension so badly?


I hate propane. Mostly because I can’t have different temperatures on the grill. With propane it’s all the same temperature. I don’t want that. I stack coals at an incline. I start at the highest so I get a nice charred outside and move it to the low coals to have the heat cook the inside. This never, ever fails with beef. You can use it for other meats like pork and chicken but your shit may vary.


My grill is a circular one, so I have a ring of coals around the outside to do what Raz0r describes (cook on the outside first to get that nice char, then move to the center to cook the inside). If you’re cooking something really thick like chicken thighs, cover it with a pie tin to create a oven-like effect. I learned all of my grilling basics from the Good Eats episodes “Grill Seekers” and “Grillus Domesticus”.


Alton Brown is god-tier. He taught me how to make perfect fried chicken.


holy shit thats getting made this week baby


Now instead of marinade does anyone use a brine? I like to do a good 24-36 hour brine depending on the type of meat and the cut. You can really get a change of texture and make some tougher cuts just buttery tender.


i tend to only brine pork since the probability of it coming out dry is higher. Of course i also tend to not marinade my steaks. I prefer to keep it simple, some salt and pepper on both sides and let the meat do the work(all about picking the correct marbling.)

Made some boss ass t-bones tonight on the ole grill /nomnomnomnom.


I just have a standard Weber coal grill (bought from Target for $70), so I’m no pro either. I’ve burned my fair share of meat before. Obviously, beef is the easiest, most forgiving meat to grill while chicken and pork need to be tended to constantly. I typically just buy some marinade from the store, make sure my meat soaks for 24 hours, then grill. Chicken and pork, I typically bake in the oven for a while first, then throw on the grill to get that good BBQ flavor, but not needing to cook it too long as it should be semicooked from the oven.


BBQ sauce tiers
S-tier= homemade (if you know what you’re doing)
A-tier= Arthur Bryant’s, Gates
B-tier= everything else
Shit tier= KC Masterpiece


It’s not like I run away from raw meat or can’t be in the same room as it, but I can’t touch it and I refuse to touch anything that touches raw meat.


Yeah i know. You suck and you have a vagina. Thanks for pointing that fact out twice. just incase anyone missed it.

True say, I usually just use olive oil and salt. Perfect for veggies.


what do you want to know about bbq an what is your issue… seriously speaking. Surprise you didnt ask in the cooking thread.


I’ve got to buy a grill and learn to grill one of these days…I’m a grilled food nut; when someone else does it for me :rofl:


Any advice on some S-Tier sauce?


Sweet Baby Ray’s. Done.


dem coleslaws, dem vinegars, dem hushpuppies, dat sweet tea


this times 100 million bajillion thousand <insert fictional number here>