Any beginners have videos online of them playing that I can use?


I’m writing some articles up and I’m trying to showcase some of the mistakes that new players make with video examples, but I I’m trying not to just grab some random ones off the internet, there are a ton of them on there, but I don’t really want to put up an article pointing out the mistakes of some unsuspecting person who just happened to have videos of them playing poorly on the internet.


I can probably get some videos depending on bad you’re looking for

Like bad players vs other bad players, or I can play some good players and get destroyed, and like bad as in clueless (don’t know what to do) or bad like, 1200~1500PP sort of have an idea what I’m doing but not really?


Anything, just videos of gameplay I’m not looking for anyone to do anything intentional. If what the things I’m looking for are there then they are there and if they’re not then they’re not.
I just want to make sure the person who put the videos up knows that I’m using them so they don’t take them down when they find out, just in case someone is learning from watching them.


Im a fairly new player. If you could get someone else that is a newbie I can run some sets with them on SSF4AE, UMVC3, MK9, and SCV while you record or something to that effect.


I’ve been playing SSFIV and MvC3 for about a month now…

If I had a capture device I could probably send you all the material you’d ever need


I have no capture device, but a fairly nice camera. I’m D+ in SFxT and trash in SF4.


I like your idea shinobi i think that we should make a video thread where players can put there videos up of them playing and other people that are willing to critique the gameplay can offer tips and tell what the players can do to improve. Also what games you looking for videos for? Im starting to upload videos of me playing umvc3 to get input of other players.


I’m trying to do something about that too.

For the videos I’m decided today that SF4 would be best because the stuff I’m talking about isn’t one game specific and since SF4 is the most vanilla and known game out now it will probably be easier for someone watching SF4 gameplay to transfer SF4 data over to Blazblue or Skullgirls than for someone watching Skullgirls gameplay to transfer it over to Street fighter.

I posted earlier today but for some reason half of the things I post from work don’t show up on SRK when I hit post.


Is YouTube fine? I was gonna post for the Beginner match analysis thread, but I figure you could use my videos for this, too.

#10 (they are M2TS files so you’ll need a real video editor)

I have a lot of footage of the matches I was competing in to get to rank C with each character. The smaller the number the earlier it was done - and the worse the gameplay. Feel free to use these videos and be as mean as you want - I’m sure there are some terrible newbie mistakes in here all over the place.

Also any of my videos (even my YouTube videos, please steal them as well, link in sig) are 100% free use I don’t care what you do with them.


Youtube is probably the best option
The other thread would be better, that one was intended for people to get/give feedback, this one was just for me to find someone who would let me use their videos.


If you check my youtube channel (it’s in my signature), there are lots of vids of my newbish Chun back when SF4 was still young and I was a scrub.

I’m still a scrub now, just less so lol. And I haven’t been able to record recently because I used the TV in my apartment to record which had video out, but once I graduated and moved back home I haven’t had video-out so no recording, unfortunately. That’s why almost all of my vids are of Vanilla SF4, and at best it’s of SSF4, hardly any AE or AE2012.

Feel free to use any vids you feel make good learning material.


You can use my Youtube channel if you want. I have some endless sets of myself playing against a friend from a little while ago and they’re not very good.


Feel free to use stuff from my YT, quality may not be so good though. There’s SF4/SSF4 casuals in the playlists section, and various team/money match/mini tourneys in the playlists which you could use too. In fact I think one playlist is dedicated to my Chun’s growing pains. :lol:


im more of a casual then what you call a newb but i pretty much can’t get past c rank hehe

actually i started doing more street fighter ae videos again, im uploading 1 match at a time this time and not adding crappy music to it.

some of the olderstuff does have copyrighted music but feel free to use what you want as long as ya give credit to me

lastly i got 900 videos on there is a lot of non fighting game related stuff there. best thing to do is look at playlists or search for games hehe :slight_smile: