Any black akuma players? /tips for me



My name on ps3 network is Haitian Akuma. I realize I don’t see any black akuma players. I have my hopes of becoming one of the first REAL good ones. I have a LONGGG way to go. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Things I am doing to master Akuma

1.)Play every day. Practice an hour before going into a match.

2.) Use this site, read articles, study tokido.(on youtube and on his tokido formula video.wish he had subtitles.

3.)Try to know my opponents, as well as the characters.

All this sounds good in theory, but without a coach to correct and guide, one is wandering around longer than neccessary and possibly developing bad habits.HELP…

F.Y.I. I am committed to the time it will take. I will be known in the circles in about a year. Mark my words.

Thanks in advance.

UMvC3 OTT: Welcome to 2013!

Hello my brother. Good to see

Hope this topic isn’t taken out of context. What is your psn name? We can sharpen each others akuma.


and exactly y should anyone give a fuck that ur black?


So you take the time to write that? Seriously?


so this is a real thread…lol


Lol. My apologies intentions are good guys. I’m just saying I don’t see any great black players. Seems like Asians and Philippines dominate. Nothing wrong with that. Just wanted U. S to be more of a completion


one of the mods plz close this thread ASAP


black akuma player…



Blackuma is the best.


You main Denjin Ryu though…


I’m black but I don’t have much concept with Akuma. If you’d like add my psn
Froggiiestyle, we could go in for an hour a day if youd like.




I still know who Blackuma is. There might be more than 1 out there though.


Cool. I’ll add you tonight. Who do you play with?


I bet $5 that Blackuma smokes Menthol cigarettes.


This thread is gonna be fun

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nah…probably newport


All the ones I knew aren’t playing him any more or not playing SF4


I don’t see enough black people use black characters these days. People like OP must hate themselves.


Hmm. Thanks