Any body know any good corner traps or strategy with Hoamaru

Im a newcomer to Shoryuken and ive been looking at the character strategies and I have seen none for Hoamaru.
If anybody would like to share any i would more than glad
to share some of mine with any of you

it really depends what groove you play. i usually use him in c and basically turtle my ass off. crouching fierce punch is nasty as anti air and his pokes are dirty. his dash is also the shit. dash into grab is your friend. zone with standing medium punch and light punch and try to bait out a roll. from there, kick grab and mixup. crossup medium kick into crouching light kick will forever be his most abusable tactic. however, good players tend to adapt to him quickly because, compared to other characters, he lacks real offensive options. his combo ability is severely lacking imo.

also, the fake tornado is a great opener once you have an opponent grounded. it can help create nasty mind games. rc fake tornado, walk toward kick grab is uber sneaky and relatively safe because of it’s quick recovery time. just be sure to rc or prepare to eat some damage. use his overhead too. after a low poke string, bring out that special. just be sure to keep that to a minimum because the other player WILL catch on.

as for his retard damage standing fierce slash, be careful. it’s so slow most people will never get hit by it. if anything, use it to punish those foolish enough to try and jump in from far away. at the worst, you’ll trade but the damage will always be in your favor. hope that helps.


poke poke dash throw