Any body want to see a XBLA port for SF 3s and Jojos Bizarre Adventure


With the resurgence of many old 90s fighters on live like garou , sf2Hd and kof 98 isn’t about time we see a jojos port and 3s . I mean jojos is probaly one of the most technical and rewarding fighting games ever and 3s is probaly the greatest Street Fighter ever made. For a hardcore fan this would be the be the best way to end 09 with these two games . Is anybody up for it Make a Fight … Fight


Jojo’s is easily one of the most broken games in existence, although it is totally fun.

Sure, these two games coming out would be cool, but there’s so many games already coming out or about to come out that it just doesnt seem plausible to me that they would do well enough to warrant porting them to xbla


I’m up for a Street Fighter 1 port, its been a long time coming.

3s could do well as a port, but I’m also more looking forward to some newer FGs.


Jojo is a nono. Game isn’t even popular among fighting game fans. The anime has no scene out here either. I would love to see 3rd Strike or CVS2 released in a rebalanced version though.


i would like 3rd strike to be up there


I’d buy 3s on XBLA.


Yes, I would be happy if Capcom decides to release a XBL/PSN 3s port. I don’t need no fancy add-ons - just the game would be nice.

I guess only time will tell…


i wanna hear how its broken! please drop us some knowledge!

and if you say petshop im gonna be disappointed.

I could go for xb port, but really, ggpo and 2df are prolly better anyway. the arcade version of the game > dc version.


Jojo, unless Capcom has the license, sure - but don’t count too much on it because of it’s relatively low interest in the West (outside of GGPO/2df).

3S is more possible though.

…Hmm, didn’t we have one of these threads before? Coulda sworn I saw one a few months back.


ZA WARUDO! :clapdos:


I’d love to see a new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, with characters from later in the storyline, such as Jolyne Kujo, rocking her stand Stone Free.


3S with online – that’s the only addition it needs for me to buy it. A3 Would be cool too. [/pipedream]




Man a lot of younger and older gen gamers need to see this game not only because it had great characters but because it was like playing a manga this game craps on Guilty Gear in my honest non singleminded opinion. 1. Its not broken.
2.The characters are unique.
3. You can drop a steamroller on someone
4. It has a very rewarding learning curve.
5. Ora OraOra.
6. The story mode is very well made.
7.I don’t know why you are still reading maybe because I was still typing.

Seriously if this game came out on disk or downloadable anime fans and fighting gamers alike would go crazy this is a cult classic one of the most intelligent animes ever no escalation which means they never unlock supersayian 3rd gear bankai crap.


I think the mystery of jojo has been solved!!!

seriously tho, this game is awesome. ive spent the last year or so pretty devoted to it, and its unbelievable how rewarding learning stuff has been.

big sexy combos are awesome in any game =D


jo jo’s is awesome


Alpha 3 or 3s with Online Play would both be very welcome.

Seems you guys like JoJos, I only played it briefly on dreamcast but if it would make you guys happy then I see no reason for it to not be on XBLA.


i think a direct port of 3rd strike would be so great…still pay my anniversary edition on the xbox to get a feel for it when i have the time…


A3 and 3s combo would be fantastic.


Honestly, I’d like to think they are keeping 3S in their hand for a potential HD Remixing. It’s obviously not necessarily going to happen, but I’d prefer to hold out the hope rather than seeing them halfheartedly throwing out a port.