Any Boston University UMvC3 Players?



I just moved to Boston and am a grad student at Boston University. I was wondering if there were any other BU (or in the area) Marvel Players who would be interested in figuring out a way to get together periodically. I’m not that good (in fact pretty terrible) but I figure one of the better ways to improve is to meet up with people around you and get exposed to different play styles.

PSN: BeastyEG

Looking forward to hopefully meeting some new people and not getting my butt whooped!


i’m around the area but i play xbox pad, thankfully i’m a pad warrior so if you’re ever down to practice we can play on your system if you let me rock a ps3 controller lol. just let me know


Awesome! glad to hear I’m not the only in this town!


I live in the Fenway area maybe we can get together sometime


I’m curious BeastEG, do you play on pad or stick? cus I have a stick but it only works on an xbox. I wouldnt mind bring my xbox ( i live an hr away from boston, but ill gladly drive). IF you play on pad and it works on xbox and ps3, then I’d gladly be willing to drive there with my xbox. Especially since Fats plays on xbox pad. But yeah dude, let me know.


@Fernando: I play on stick mainly so that might be a problem, but I was considering getting an xbox stick anyways because of this problem. Once I get one, then I’m cool with whatever.

@Merkilo: Once I’m done with this set of exams, we should def do some games


Always looking for a good session. I am about 45 mins away, but would be down to drive for some Marvel as well. I also play on Xbox/Stick so anyone else brings a stick we will be in business.


there’s also a new spot for ranbats in jamaica plain. you can easily take the T there, im debating going tonight haha LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN


I have 2 Xbox sticks


you guys should all try to make it out to brainbox in JP if you live anywhere near a t-stop.


I’m glad to hear that there are some peeps in the area! I’m booked up this week (stupid finals) but once I have a life again, I’ll def try to make it out!


Fats, when the next outing at brainbox? I def want go now that I don’t have finals anymore! Also, are they Xbox or PS3?


ranbats are usually wednesday and friday. i’ll be heading out there wednesday so hopefully you show up. 383 centre street. even if you dont head out there i’m down to hang and play this week. they have both systems. i play xbox though


Fats, the schedule says Tuesdays according to the website, is that a misprint?


must be a misprint, i headed out there wednesday. it’s wednesday and friday for ranbats, and sundays for training sessions. i suggest you come out sunday im gonna try to help people out as much as i can and hopefully get helped out as well


I’ll be in DC on Sunday but starting Wednesday I’ll def be there, sorry for being the flake!


I go to northeastern and am definitely down for some UMvC3 once I get back from break (next week). I’ll hit up this thread when I get back. I have a dual-modded stick and might have two so that might not be an issue. But we’ll see


Hey all, I’ve been going to place in JP that Fats recommended and I have to admit it’s pretty amazing. There are a lot of setups so there would probably be enough space for all of us to go. I’ll probably head over there tonight to get some more practice in, but it may be good if we make a weekly meeting time. So far, Sundays seem pretty empty there so maybe if we all go on Sunday from like 6-8?, we can meet up and rumble!


Ya I’m tryin to make wednesday nights my night to head out there. School and work makes it hard to make it more than once a week. But I definitely be there more often.


I’m at Berklee and I was hoping on meeting up with someone to train a few times before showing up to the Brain Box because I am so very not confident in my skills. My stick is PS3, saving up for an adapter.

Also, are the Sunday training sessions a consistent thing?