Any casuals going on somewhere in the rio?

Just need 2 get a lil practice in or something lol

Walk the halls and listen for yelling. I just came from evo floor, they were having casuals in there but it was MVC2, TVC, & Tekken BR I seen being played,

Yes we have Kuni in our room and we are playing SFAE on the PS2. Room 566. Everyone is welcome.


Their’s sf4 casuals in my room, 681. Everyone’s welcome.

Heya, we got casuals going in my room here at the Rio for BB, MBAC (I want players for this :crybaby:), SFIV, GGAC, Tekken, SC4…and we got some other stuff too. (I suck at Tekken and SC4…those are my roommates games they play)

Masquerade Tower, Room 24008

Send me a call ahead of time to check if I’m there 928.707.2524
I wont be hanging out in the main EVO room too much. The BO hits way too quick and way too hard at these events.

Oh and bring some others as well if you are coming by so we can get a bunch of ppl in on the games. Hotel rooms aren’t bad with the BO thing, even with a bunch of people.

You guys are welcome to play in our room too masqarde 22023

lol damn… i guess i didn’t wait long enough for replies, but I’ll definitely come through


Will there be casuals throughout the weekend? Im goin to the rio too. But not til later tonight (10-11PM)

Hit me up with your # :slight_smile:

Is it 360 or PS3? I only got a 360 stick :[

GGAC casuals at our room. Masquerade tower #8004.

Good luck, friend.

Take care!

you guys running games this saturday in rooms? perhaps cheap money match

Im down to run some MBAC for fun. haha

Ill bring my laptop tomorrow.