Any chance HRAP3 will also work with a 360?

Any possible way that the HRAP3 will work with the 360?

The reason I ask is because I plan on using the HRAP3 for my PC but at some point would want it for other fighting games on the 360…

…if you put a X360 PCB in there.

or I get a converter? Is there a usb to xbox 360 converter?

No. To my knowledge the only converter for X360 is the XFPS which sucks ass anyway.

scrap the ps3 pcb and just put a 360 pcb in there. It will work with the pc and the 360.

that sounds very complicated…haha :looney:

i’ve never tried it with an hrap3 but you could probably apply this mod to it if the hrap3 pcb is common ground.

post in the trading post that you want a dual pcb set up. One with a 360 pcb and the other a PS2 pcb( I saw your other post about a converter for ps3 to ps2). When you get the pcbs in the mail take out the qds for the old pcb and put on the new qds for the new pcb.

Your going to have to cut the JLF harness off of the harness from the HRAP pcb and wire it to the new pcb.

If you’re afraid to do this kind of thing just ask one of the guys here to do it for you. I would suggest (above post) akuma001 for the mod. He’s done some nice mods like the dual ps3 360 VSHG.