Any Chance More Spectator Or Competitor Passes Will Open Up?



Is there any chance that more spectator or competitor passes will open up?
I see people on this forum are trying to sell their passes.

Any chance you’ll be selling some of these passes at the door?

I’d really like to go.

Last Evo I went to was in Pomona.

I didn’t know it was going to fill up this fast!



Highly unlikely, they need to restrict the number of people in the hall so they don’t break safety codes. You can still buy a tournament only pass if you want to compete, but you will not be able to watch the finals in the main hall on Sunday.


EVO is free to attend on Friday and Saturday. Feel free to come and hang out in the BYOC, watch the qualifiers matches, check out some panels or hang in the sponsor booths.

If you come on Sunday, you will need a competitor or spectator badge (both sold out) to watch the finals live in the main ballroom. If you do not have a badge, you’re welcome to watch the live stream in the panels room. We’ll have a big screen and chairs set up.


Any chance at all that we might be let in? This is my first year going and I really wanted to see the finals, but had money complications until this week and only got the competitor only pass, no badge. If there is a lower turnout then expected is there any possibility of getting into the main room?


Not possible…thats why there is a overflow room to watch the finals stream