Any chance of a non-Japanese doujin fighter?

Any programmers/artists here? Is there a fighting game package the Japanese authors are using or do they create a new engine from scratch each time? Is it time a bunch of Western amateurs got together and made a fighting game?

If you make it put Ben 10 in it.

Also put Jesus.

All kidding aside, what franchise would you base it off of? Or something original?

Search for Skullgirls. Doesn’t look so hot right now, but it’s Western dojin.

do the batman universe. you can have say “the dark knight” batman as the main character but be able to unlock different versions of batman (with different moves and sprites) such as the animated series batman, adam west batman, michael keaton batman, and make george clooney batman the worst character in the game. all the memoriable characters should be there too: commissioner gordon, the joker (jack nicholson joker, heath ledger joker, jack napier, and the red hood should be unlockables), two face, the riddler, bane, mr freeze, scarecrow, harley quinn, Ras al-Ghul, carmine falcone, poison ivy, catwoman, the penguin, victor zsasz, killer croc, clayface, etc. Robin should not be included as robin is retarded.


Gold Digger. Monty, Jotaru, Ryan, Shinryu, Jetta, Thabian, Fauntleroy, Mistress/Ayane, Gar, Daishi, Zelda- my god, this comic has a ton of martial artists- Link, Carla/Desire, Luan, Cheetah, Shin, Edo-era Daishi, Percy, Charlotte, Thropan, Tirga, Onoli, Sheila, Saga T., Jet, Tish, Cid Alkess, -you get the picture yet? It’s perfect for a fighting game. Fred’s too busy to do it himself…but he did do some sprites back in the day.

Do a Transformers fighter.

Its LONG been my dream to make a fighting game starring all Cerial Box Mascots.

Tony the Tiger
Honey Nut Bee
Sugar Bear
Captain Crunch
Trix Rabit
Toucan Sam
Snap Crackle and Pop (1 character, they stand on eachother’s shoulders)
Dig’em Frog
Sonny from CocoPuffs
Wendle, the C.T.C Baker

Secret Boss:
Two Scoops (Sun from Raisin Bran)

Bosses are, in this order:
Yummy Mummy
Boo Berry
Count Chocula

I’ve been entertaining the idea of a Cat Ninden fighter for a while, but I don’t think I’d actually be able to do all the work needed to make it. The insect collector robot would make for a great grappler/semi-grappler.

Theres a ton of western free fighters…thats all Doujin means is amateur self published works…

And they are called?

Starscream + flight = win…

I’m working on a doujin fighter inspired by the “Tales of the Otori” series of novels. So yeah, it’s gonna be made by a western developer, but it will still be a bunch of samurais and ninjas.

I just started, so there’s a LOT of work still to do, but I’ve got a lot of good ideas. I’m going to be keeping a dev blog like the Capcom guys are doing for SF:HD

Did you forget about Skullgirls from Less Than Three Studios ;O?

idk but i heard of this game called skullgirls i guess you could check that out

OMG! Freakin’ Cereal Killers would RULE! Get on that now. I expect a full release no later than 2nd quarter 2009. And you better put in Cripsy, form POST Cereal’s Cripsy Critters! INDUBITABLY! I’m sure you are aware, but this site can be a great resource for characters in future sequels.

The problem is that any independent project done in the states is done by some programmers in their spare time, but by a real software company, so they will never come to fruition. There is almost no market for a 2d fighting game here, so if you were to make it, you better have lots of free time, resources, and dedication. Putting together a fighting game isn’t like making a combo vid where you can put it together in a couple weeks, takes a long fucking time. The Skullgirls guys seem to have it together, but if you played their demo you’d see its still pretty far off.

I have not laughed so hard in awhile! Wendle, the C.T.C. Baker :rofl: I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that you know his name, or I know what C.T.C. is.

Call the game Cereal Killer (my knickname for Beasting boxes of cereal left and right!)

Two Scoops :lol: They stand on each other’s shoulders!!! :rofl:


In all seriousness I would be all over Cereal Killer if it was real and decent.