Any chance of KOF 11, SS:Tenka, and NGBC coming to US at all?

I know Sony abhors 2d, so what about 360 or Revolution? Or will we all have to do the import song and dance?

Due to the fact that Neowave will probably perform really poorly, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

NGBC is supposedly expected to hit XBLA, but not too sure on a US release (much less date). SNK fighters for the Rev are more than likely out of the question (at least for now).

To clarify, all 3 of the games are available on japanese Ps2 right now?

Yeah, but I don’t believe KOF XI is out yet.

Just import the games for PS2 and get it over with.

insert Iori’s signature laugh track here

And spend approximately $70 per game? Not everyone is willing to import, and even though SNKP’s notorious for doing bad in the US, I wonder what’s taking them so damn long to bring these games to the US. I mean, SVC came out almost immediately, and that game is in about 90% of Tilts I’ve been to.

Well, id really want it on ps3/360 w/online. No arcades in my city have any of these games, and even if i import it, id have no one to play. Im sill clinging on to a thin thread that SNK USA might release them for 360 and XBL by 2008. sighhhhh

Well, if you’re too cheap to pay for the games, like what I’m getting from your post, you could just download it, burn it to a DVD or put it onto a harddrive.

Besides that’s how most people do it nowadays.

If they DO hit the States, I’m more than willing to bet it’ll be on the Xbox. SNK-P calling KoFMI2 “Kof2006” doesn’t really bode well for a KoFXI release anytime soon, if you ask me, though.

Honestly, if by now you haven’t noticed that you’ll be better off getting your SNK fix directly from Japan, you really need to wake the fuck up. Bite the bullet, get a JPN/modded PS2, spend the fucking import price(if you go to NCSX or lik-sang, or any of the many importers out there, since they do NOT charge that much more than the actual Japanese price), and enjoy your SNK fighter for months before it even gets rumored to go to the States(where it’ll get shot down by SoA).

Amen. Shit, even if they did come to the States, teh Xbox is shit for 2D fighters. You’d be better off importing them anyway.

And to answer an earlier question, no, KoFXI isn’t out for PS2 yet, it hits Japan June 22nd

Just to make it clear, it is only Sony of America that hates 2D games. Not Sony as a whole.

Why? Because America hates 2D games.

2D games have no problem coming for PS2 in Japan.

Last I remember, the last KOF for PS2, (KOF 2003)was a best seller in Japan as a fully-priced stand alone title.

The gaming industry just blows in the US.

Yeah, RPG’s and other silly shit genres are big in Japan but almost all games are played and respected there.

Anyway, if we do see any of these new games u mentioned coming to the US, they will be for the 360 most likely.

The only problem with Xbox when it comes to 2D fighters is the controllers, and a PS2 to Xbox adapter or an Xbox stick can easily fix that. The US Xbox is infinitely superior to the US PS2 when it comes to 2D fighters. 3D is, of course, another matter entirely.

Does Swap Magic work well for playing these games? Or would modding/HD loader be the way to go?

Heh, at least you get your US versions rather quickly. Here in europe KOF 2003 was released for PS2 like around 7th of april 2006. -_- And X-Box version isn’t even released yet for all that I know. Neowave is coming somewhere around may if is telling the truth and seems like there’s no info on any newer titles at all yet.

For some odd reason KOF 2003 got out of stock in like two days from and is temporarily out of stock now. I wonder if it actually sold pretty well or if they just got a minimal amount of that game…
Ah well, I’m lucky I preordered mine. :razzy:

NGBC doesnt work on HDLoader, but every other SNK Ps2 fighter (so far) does. NGBC works fine with Swap Magic, as do all the others.

Ah, screw it. Let’s pretend that these games will never leave Japan, and go from there. It’s the only logical solution (for fighters, at least, I wouldn’t DARE import RPGs), and even though you’ll have to spend the extra $$, I guess it’s more worth it.


Here’s hoping NGBC, SS Tenka, KoF XI, and even Fist of the Northstar get a US release on Xbox 360 with online play.

If not, like others have said, we’ll always have the PS2 imports.