Any chance that Tomo will show up for SFAE?

I used to play with him back in the World’s Finest days. That guy would have a good chance to win it all and with the prize money it would be worth his time. Plus I’d love to see a Daigo v. Tomo match up.

I dunno if you realized it but players outclass him now. I played him back in the super days and wasn’t very impressed. Beat him easily 3 games to zip with Sagat. I think he might have been good in sf2 orig, ce, and hyper but I know Watson became way better than him after those. When I say way better I mean Tomo was a joke compared to Watson. This makes me believe its impossible for him to ever become as good as Watson. Unlike Thomas who in ST was still amazing the top players with his reflexes, Tomo was just retired before the good old games left the arcades.

I don’t think Tomo would ever be a joke, that fool was psychic in his hayday. Watson is probably better than him now just because he plays more often, but if you ask him I bet you he’d have nothing but mad respect for Tomo. Even Kuni said Tomo would’ve been like top 5 in Japan.

I just thought some OGs would show up, I see Frank Kwang signed up for Evo West, best non-uppercutting Ryu I’ve ever seen.

Well I talked to Choi and he kinda filled me in on things that occured before Hyper/Super/ST with Tomo. I guess Tomo was really good in the first three versions winning all the majors. My take on it is he was the best of those versions then others got better than him in Super while he capped out. Watson told me that he found some outside distraction which made him drop sf2. I don’t know when this happened but I know he was gone when ST came out. I won’t go into detail on the Super tournament he won, but lets just say I won’t count it as legit in the history books, it was one of the most messed up tournaments ever.

Who knows, if he kept playing hard he might still have been one of the best ever.
I guess I just never saw it first hand so I was skeptical. I played the Tomo on a decline and thats what I base most of my memories of him on.

Well my bro and I are OG from nor cal and the funny thing is this will be my first evo i’ve ever attended, his second. You can thank Cole for dragging both of us outta retirement by saying the right words hehe. A true street fighter can’t take trash talking sitting down. I think Nelson will be there, of the OG sf2 crew from SVGL this will be possibly the biggest turnout of OG players since st was in the arcades, although I’m unsure who was at the ‘black bracket of death’ the year thomas made a revival and my brother went as well.

This thread should ask if the greatest street fighter player ever is going: Mike Watson.

Watson was top 2 even when tomo was around, and top 1 after that. It’s clear who you should be asking if they’re going. He’s ascended beyond og, he’s just on his own level. Mike Fucking Watson. Get on his level.

Like Jack Black would say: Fanboyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

lol@graham. imma set this record straight once and for all. no bullshit, no lies. tomo ohira = #1 in sf2, ce, and hf. hands down, no one could beat him in those games. no one. i was clearly #2 in ce, and you can talk all the shit you want about ce bison being too easy or whatever. but i went about 80-20 with him in ce. in hf, his ryu was beyond anyone. i would destroy anyone else in this game. and he still beat me this bad. in hf, we both played ryu mainly, and he got me like 70-30. and i beasted anyone else cept for him. in sf2, he was untouchable. unbeatable. when super came around, he quit and went to go pimps chicks, race cars, dj, and other stuff kids that age did. he came back for 1 final tourney near the end of super which was up north. he won that tourney, and im not gonna disrespect him, but he went out as the champ… bottom line, we were homies, he won.

and as of thomas’ greatness that graham always talks about. yes, he was awesome. no denying it, but i swear on my fathers grave, tomo and i played thomas for almost 1 hour in the middle row of svgl on super the night before the bama tourney. we swapped rounds and lost maybe 3 times in about an hour. this might sound unreasonable, yes, but impossible, no. thomas was awesome at ST, but when super was out, any ryu than can sweep guiles whiffed forward on reaction would smoke up guile. call it a character conflict, call it what you want. our so cal ryu knew how to destroy guile. plain and simple. so all this legend of tomo stuff can be put to rest. tomo was the man, kuni vouches for him, so what more do you need? graham played him at his downfall and didnt get to witness it. not saying graham is a liar, but you dont know bro. seriously, out of all the sf players ever, tomo was by far ahead of everyone at anytime. by far…


ps, thats potter, <3 fanboys for me are few :frowning:

watts you know I am your #1 fan you won me over when you played joe zaza for money in az and zoned his rog(boxer) with ken, I mean when I saw you first bust that out I was like :looney:


I ain’t embarassed to say that I am a Watts fanboy as well.

Well I guess Watson we all have/had our fanboys. I had my share too lol. Yeah I’m not denying he was the best in the first 3. Its kinda surprising and just too bad that he quit as early as he did. Tomo and Thomas are two players who would have made a huge impact on the fighting game scene vs japan if they had both kept playing. What ethnicity was tomo? im curious

Yeah, but how many were putting your face on t-shirts?

The “MIKE WATSON” t-shirt will be available in limited quanities at EVO2k6.


Judging from the name Tomo Ohira, he’s Japanese.

both his parents are japanese.


There’s a HUGE difference between a fanboy, and a person that states facts. I have just spoken the story of what really happened. Watson has been around SINCE the beginning and dominated. I’ve been around quite a while myself(for a new school kid), and I have never even heard of you. So, you can call me a fanboy, you can all my a fact stater, just know that watson is the greatest, PERIOD. Don’t call me baised either, the facts speak for themselves.

Trust me, the Wolfe brothers are pure O.G. The Wolfe brothers have been retired for quite some time now. Too bad they decide to come out of retirement for some shitty console game called Hyper Anniversary SF…=)

On a side note, you’ve probably never heard of a guy named Jabari either, but he was one of the top in HF, ST, A2. Watson can vouch for the Wolfe brothers, Jabari, etc.

hehe shirts surprisingly my bro and i are actually enjoying ae. People generally aren’t as accepting to change but in this case we feel the AE game has breathed new life into the original 5 games, making countless matchups that were only in theory before. The only gripes I have are the inaccuracies and glitches mainly in the ps2 version. Inaccuracies like old super turbo sagat being crap on home version compared to arcade. The ‘throw glitch’ people complain about might not necessarily be a glitch, well in either case it balances imo the older chars vs super turbo chars. CE Bison’s psycho crusher being slightly toned down is a nice difference from the arcade to home. I wouldn’t mind playing AE again in the future after this evo, if it was hosted on xbox and not ps2. I’ve learned to adapt and consider the glitches part of the game, but i prefer consistency.

As for the new school guy who hasn’t heard of me, thats cause I’ve never been to evo, I retired before evo even began. The last tournament of that caliber i went to was battle by the bay. Watson is one of the few players who gets my respect from the old school. He never talked himself up, he let his actions speak for himself. Although lately watts your st skills arent as good as they should be! who you practicing against? hehe , just playin but man you shoulda owned that Gian dude, I watched the 3v3 vid.

Well the wolfe brothers were in the SSF2 and A2 stragety guides, so if you have those you can look at the back for profile and pictures.

haven’t read the entire thread but looks like things are still the same.

norcal people don’t respect tomo ohira and say thomas osaki was better.
socal people are just the opposite.

Next season on… “The Ultimate Street Fighter”

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