Any chance this will break? and more questions

Hello everyone,

I’ll be getting my MadCatz TE stick here soon and I have a few modding questions.

Things I REALLY want to know
Q1. If I open my stick could something fall out and break?
Q2. If I make a mistake while wiring/soldering my stick could it become un-fixable?
Q3. Is it possible to mod button wires without a soldering gun?

Things that would be good to know
Q4. About how much would it cost(USD) to make a stick full custom (case and all parts)
Q5. What kind of buttons are in a MadCatz SE stick?

If any of these are answered in the stickies, i’m sorry :(.

As you can tell, i’m new to this modding stuff (Q1 :|) and I hope I can use it to improve my stick or repair it. Thanks in advance.

  1. Everything is screwed down.
  2. Desolder your mistake
  3. TE and SE sticks comes with quick disconnects. Now sure why you would want to modify button wires
  4. Varies. A custom sticks made from a pro goes about $300. If you’re good, then it will just cost you electronics, stick buttons and materials to build a case.
  5. Clone 30mm buttons.

There are threads all over the tech section. Tutorials will give you a good idea of how sticks work.

Q1: Depending on how well it was taken care prior to opening, then probably not.
Q2: Signals touching any common ground when they’re not supposed is a common mistake, but sometimes fixable by removing the solder from the affected area.
Q3: Yes. PCBs with screw terminals, such as the ChImp board and Aki Shop PS360 board, are good examples of this. Quick disconnects are conductive with wires connected to a signal/ground.
Q4: If you count swapping artwork, getting new buttons and stick, additional PCBs, and maybe even adding a plexi, >$120 and up. This doesn’t count the cost of tools required, either.
Q5: They are actually stock buttons. Knockoff Sanwa buttons that fall short of emulating that authentic feel and sensitivity. They work, but a bad reputation of going out after a while. SE is a good arcade stick case to mod, though.

Thank you syn and Royal :slight_smile: I fell a bit more confident in opening my stick now :slight_smile: