Any character that a middling Guile player can pick up relatively easily (that isn't Nash)


Usually I play Guile and want to find a new charge char. I’m pretty time limited unfortunately so spending lots of time on a totally new feeling character would just push me away. I know there’s Nash, but I’m not keen on him for some reason. Anything that has different gameplay to Guile but feels similar in terms of input?

Maybe I’m asking too much, but there must be someone other than Nash that’s at least closer than the others in terms of what I’m looking for.


Try Necalli or Chun maybe?

You probably won’t have to wait long for Guile to be honest.


Thanks, going to have a look at Necali moves and gameplay now!


Basically every character. None are hard to learn.


Every character is as close to Guile in terms of input?

Sure thing.


There’s only Bison who shares the same inputs, but if you’re not literally physically handicapped, you can learn every character in that game in a couple of hours.
The whole fucking idea of the game is to be easy to pick up.
What people will be grinding training mode over are whiff punishing, frame traps, counter-hit and crush counter setups and finding buttons to deal with the right situations and not grinding out their combos, moves and super inputs.

Just pick something you like the gameplay and/or physical design of and you’re good.

The question is not if you’re a Guile player or not in terms of what you can learn easily in that game. The question is if you have ever played a fighting game at all. If you’re halfway competent in any Street Fighter or fighting game for that matter, you will be able to learn the basics of a character in a couple of hours. If you’re completely fresh meat it’s probably going to take a couple of weeks or month until you’re comfortable with the controls.


Highly convoluted and not what I asked. But thanks for taking the time to type things.


Actually, he answered your question pretty good.


FANG if you really want the charginess


guile is the sec dlc release so you wont ve to wait long, until then try nash, ryu or maybe rashid


You wont last long here with that attitude.


Bison or Chun but you can pick basically pick any char in this game without problems if you know basic sf style inputs.


One more thing…

You’re going to be playing a whole new game. Even when Guile comes out, you’re going to have to spend time learning Guile in SFV. If you’re solely talking about inputs and you don’t have the time to learn how to do a hadoken or srk motion, then that means you don’t have the time to play a fighting game and you should save your money.


Not that inputs have anything to do with the matter but as a formal Guile player I’m edging towards Necalli until Alex comes out.

I like part charge, part motion and the fact that I can just pop my V trigger and have it for the whole round. I’ll probably get distracted with the bright hair though :frowning: