Any characters in this game that are inferior versions of others?


I read a post on this forum that said “Ryu and Akuma do the same thing that Iron Man does, plus you get the benefit of better normals”

So I was just wondering if there were characters that were inferior versions of other characters in this game.

If so could you guys list them? Thanks


Similar characters in the form of
Better character : Inferior character

Wesker : Felicia
Magneto : Iron Man, Storm
X-23 : Jill
Spencer : Spiderman
Haggar : Nemesis
Hawkeye : Arthur


Wait what? :confused:

Also, to add to Prime2’s list.

Akuma : Ryu
Doctor Doom : Iron Man
Nemesis : Ghost Rider


I wouldn’t say Wesker is superior to Felicia. They’re both in a similar tier to most people, unless you’re still not over the Dark Weskerrrr hype from the first months of this game.

Magneto: Nova: Ironman
Dormammu: Deadpool
Spencer: Captain America
Zero: Viewtiful Joe


Ironman is not an inferior Magneto, or Ryu, or Akuma. Ironman is an inferior Haggar. Both are supposed to be about controlling space and high priority vs opponents in the air, but Haggar does it better than Ironman.

And X23 is an inferior Zero.


i think you’ll find a character is an amalgam of two others, rather than just straight up an inferior version of one.


Spencer and Spider are nothing alike. Spencer can’t even reach the height and angles Spidey can safely. Get that shit out of here.


Honestly IMO no character is inferior some just require more time, match, and dedication learning curve why others don’t
Wesker 30mins training - Felicia a month + match up
Wolverine 5 mins training serious it’s 5 fucking mins - X-23 a week

I hate when people compare Spencer and Spider man they are very different


Hidden Missiles : Drones

in the beginning, Missiles were generally recommended for keepaway while Drones were for rushdown. now, Missiles are turning into the best assist for almost everything, and certainly better than Drones except for on a select few characters.


The irony here is that Deadpool shits on Dormammu pretty hard


1Zero 2Firebrand

1Hawkeye 2Taskmaster

1Haggar 2She-Hulk

1Tron Bonne 2Shuma-Gorath 3Hsien-Ko

1Rocket Raccoon 2Viewtiful Joe 3Arthur




Oh god I can’t even make a coherent response to this bs


Can we get some good criticism I don’t see how your helping.


Nemesis:Ghost Rider
Wolverine:Iron Fist


i can’t believe people still think hawkeye is better than taskmaster almost all tasky’s matchups are 5-5 or better. the fact that people who switch from taskmaster to hawkeye when ultimate dropped have switched back tells you something. taskmaster has something for every matchup, hawkeye doesn’t.


ITT people post about characters that have similar looking moves with very different applications

I’m hardpressed to see a character in this game that is close to being the same/“pretty similar” to another. The closest is Ryu/Akuma, and each one’s point game alone is pretty different.

Spider-Man/Spencer is probably the lolliest one.

[]They both have a zip move
]Both are male
[*]Both have light, medium, and hard normals/specials
End of similarities. After that would be Hawkeye/Taskmaster. Nothing alike outside of both using arrows. Even their similar arrows are applied pretty distinctly.

I think this is more often the case, with an added unique element for each character.


The characters are not anything like one another except they both shoot arrows. That’s about it.


He means that your post was so bad he couldn’t response. Of course hawkeye and task arent the same, do you even play this game?


Well they both do cover the same angles on the screen. Only big differences I see are the slide, Spidey’s Swing, and specials. Some people compare all of the marvel dash characters and some are way more different than task and hawk. But Yeah I get your point it’s not much to compare.


They don’t. Spider-Man can change his momentum at any time with a web swing or just an airdash. Spencer is commited to like, 6 directions once he’s going. Spider-Man can start the parabola arcs. Not to mention, Spidey can block during dashing or zipping, Spencer can’t until he’s completely done. Both do comparable damage off of common starters, but Spencer’s abare is so much higher because he can bring people down with him and then 80K.

Spider-Man also has an overhead that ends in an airdash and is +a bajillion. Spencer’s is throwable on block (Don’t bring up armor piercer, I’ll internet slap you)

I don’t get why people say Spider-Man is a poor version of Spencer. He’s a completely separate character in playstyle as he actually requires thought processes and not zip+assist all day.