Any clues on how to wire up sticks for Taito's Type X series of boards?

They are more or less PC towers, but how does one rig up sticks to them? Via jamma? usb? =x

I’m thinking about getting a Type X2 in the near future.

Input goes through USB, but the JVS protocol isn’t HID compliant so you can’t just hook up any old gamepad. You will need a JVS I/O board and depending on model sticks and buttons are connected slightly different.

Well I’m thinking standard jp setup for fighting games. So something like the Capcom I/O or equivalent and wire sticks and buttons to those?

EDIT: Wait, I’m not sure if those are USB, most likely not.

I’m not well versed in this area. :confused:

I bring this up as I am planning on buying a KOFXII kit (whenever the hell that comes out, SNKP is still hiring staffs for it so not for awhile I suppose). From the looks of it since it is pretty much a PC, the only thing I have to figure out is how I would go about hooking up sticks to it since my PSU and monitor hookup problems are solved with its PC design. :looney:

Yes. Taito have their own I/O board but I know Sega’s also work fine, so probably Capcom’s will too. Don’t think Namco’s will however as they for some reason choose to use a different connector (even though their System 246/256 hardware has USB ports as well which works with the others’ I/O boards).

Ohh, and while SRK is king for console tech I don’t consider it all that great for discussing arcade tech. For that I’d highly recommend creating an account over at Killer Cabs.