Any colleges in socal, private or CC that offer LVN

Sup, I’m looking for any colleges, CC or private that offer an LVN program with no required pre requisites other then HS diploma, I found one place but wasn’t able to get in due to some drama:wasted:

Right now I’m set up to go speak to a counselor next week @ Pasadena City College, but their website is vague about pre req requirements so I’ll see how that turns out.

Money is not an issue, just looking for any place that doesn’t require pre req’s other then diploma.

Thanks, Peace

Bryman (now called Everest) in Alhambra offers LVN. I’m currently in the LVN Program there right now, but i think we might have closed up the enrollment already. If you have a CPR/“BLS for Healthcare Providers” card, they might let you slide. That is, you need to pass your Compass and Psych tests also… If they’re closed you might want to try the other ones around the socal area, like Anaheim…

My first choice was PCC, but the PCC LVN program is a 1-year wait and then its a lottery draw. Anyway, the lottery was in February, and therefore over. Same thing with Radiologist Tech, which i was also interested in. If you were looking to join this year, its already too late for PCC.

Godluck no matter where u go there’s a waiting list in every school atlast a year or so…if money is not an issue like u said why don’t u go to a trade school like(concorde,glendale career college)get the idea…

I see thanks for the input

No that’s not entirely true about the waiting list, RN programs will likely for sure have a wait list, but LVN at some private colleges(North West College:wasted: ) is wide open, most stay away from it because of the price private schools will charge(30k).

WOW U don’t need help u know that any LVN?RN schools have a waiting list I could have told u that!!Anyway U said MONEY is no object to you why don’t u go to a trade school and avoid the waiting list:rolleyes: :rolleyes: …the waiting list is not as bad as commmunity college compare to a trade school…I’m already on the field SON working in ER DEPT and U on the outside Looking in…yeah seriously good luck to you:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yeah, most places that do not have waiting lists will cost up to 30k, my school costs 27k +2k for books and lab fees. Theres no waiting list, but like i said before, we’re on the verge of closing our doors for enrollment this year, so you might be too late for 2007.

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Yeah goodluck to you…

Thanks, I’m looking into them right now.