Any companies make arcade quality keyboards?


Look, I’m gonna be straight up here. As my name implies, I rage. I break stuff when I get pissed off, and I need a keyboard that’s build like a tank. The first thing that came to mind was that anything on arcade cabs is built to take a beating, so I was thinking maybe there is something of that quality for the consumer market out there? And even if there isn’t, I was told there are members here who work on cabs, and even do their own mods and stuff. So if no company makes these, does anyone here make stuff like this as custom work, and if so, what sorta money would I be looking at spending? I need something that will sustain the occasional double fist smash from someone of above average strength. My last keyboard was a piece of crap Logitech MK 320 ($20 keyboard) and I ripped that thing in half. And no, I am not trolling, I’m dead serious. Psychotropics help, but there is only so much they can do for somebody like me. I need tanky peripherals.


Pay someone to make a keyboard that’s made out of 12 gauge titanium powder coated with your wife’s wedding ring grinded into powder mixed with some platinum and have sandtex finish. Then throw in some Cherry MX Super Blacks with 500g springs inside of them (they are hot damn worth that fap to your ass). Then use a custom mechanical keyboard PCB and dual mod it with your console of choice. The keycaps should be made out of some super durable 22 gauge titanium powder coated with black sandtex finish too for more durability. Throw in some RGB LEDs brighter than the sun to blind your opponents and then call it a day.


I would just get one of those flexible keyboards that can bend in nearly every possible way without breaking.

Of course if OP is going to act like a frickin’ baby every time he loses, He’d have no problem destroying one of those as well.


Look into mechanical, keyboards, the quality stuff runs $150 and up.


Actually, that’s not a bad suggestion. I can get them for about $10, so if I end up ripping one like its a wet paper bag I’m only short $10. It only happens 2-3 times a year tops.


I suggest real life counseling. I have one appointment set for Aug 15th, to get diagnosed and possibly medication review. And I’m not here asking about what keyboard can handle rage fits. I’m doing something about it, and I’ve never broken devices by rage fits either.

Try a ducky shine series keyboard or a Corsair K70/Strafe series keyboard.




Need to assess the level of your “above average (retard) strength”, are we talking Sloth from the Goonies or Hulk levels. I suggest making a modified version of the SF I punch arcade pad inputs.


If you really need a durable keyboard, then you will have to go custom with that. There is no manufacturer that will make a keyboard no more durable than what they selling at a price people willing to pay. But if you cannot control that Hulk-smash of your, well you’ll be looking to pay at least $400+ dollars for a custom keyboard to cater your temper.

Here’s one example:

Case is made out of brush aluminum, keycaps are made of zinc, and the switches are mounted in a steel plate. So if you can afford it, go for it. If not, spend that money on anger management.


I’m not sure a mechanical keyboard would help in this case.
The main advantage a mechanical keyboard has over a standard one is the individual switches on the keys for a better feel/performance/etc. That doesn’t mean that the keyboard can overall take a better physical beating than a standard keyboard. It might still be better built than a standard everyday-use keyboard, but I don’t believe that it’s guaranteed.

That being said, if you tend to Hulk-smash keyboards, you have two options:

  1. @DeeQue suggested, get a soft keyboard so that smashing it won’t break it, or
  2. on the opposite side of the spectrum, get an all-metal keyboard so that it might withstand the Hulk-smashing, like these.


what about those laser projected keyboards, that way there is nothing to smash


You hit a mechanical keyboard hard enough and key caps(and possibly the stems) will be flying off.


I need an example of how you will smash your keyboard.

Is it like this?


Are you playing Fighting games on the keyboard? If that is the case just buy a fightstick case made of mdf. It is literally an arcade cab at that point. Use American buttons as well. Might have to learn stick but thats no issue if you keep smashing keyboard


What happens if he decides to rip and tear?


I know what he should do in addition to the metal keyboard: Add fucking repelling magnets onto the keycaps to the bottom of the keyboard, that way, if he slams too hard, the keyboard still doesn’t bottom out… And Shrek SUPER SLAM will never win.
“Oh, but the keycaps will fly out!” Simple, you throw some epoxy made out of his bones and toe nails and adhere them to the switches.
"But they still will fly out… and the switches will pop out of the PCB…"
Then super glue all that good solder shit with some good old Harambe glue.
"But what if the whole PCB flies out of the casing?"
Well… damn, just buy a new keyboard at that point…



…anyway, Here’s my take on the squishy VS metal keyboard. Before I start though, isn’t it interesting how the solution to the problem is going to one extream or the other? You eather make a keyboard that’s built like a brick shit house, or one that has that Bruce Lee “be like water” or “bend but don’t break” thing going for it?

Cast iron is certainly the more “american” way to go. It has the potential to be MUCH more expensive, heavier, etc. The problems I see with this design in the hands of an infantile-minded berserker is that even if you can’t damage it, IT can damage everything else. A 20-40 LB keyboard will do much more damage when thrown into a wall or picked up and beat over a desk. Even if OP can limit themselves to simply gorilla pounding the damn thing, they might break a few bones.

The lower end flexible keyboards are cheap, and I’m sure they were never designed to take nerd rage as a result. While they are certainly destructible, i don’t think they are as “fun” to break. They don’t offer a lot of resistance. You can’t smash them over your knee or break them over the edge of your desk. You could roll it up into a ball and throw it, only to maybe hear a “splat” when it hits the wall and unfolds. The only way I see anything getting seriously damaged is if in their blind rage, OP tugs on the cord at the wrong angle (in an attempt to yank it out and throw it) and it pulls their CPU onto the floor. suddenly a 10$ keyboard just did hundreds of dollars in damage. But if for some reason you always rage out the exact same way with a hulk-smash, than this is probably the way to go. (IMO)

But let’s be real. Keyboards by their very nature are delicate devices. If you put it in your mind that you’re going to destroy it, you are most certainly going to do so.