Any Compatibility Issues with Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus?

I would like to hear from those people who bought the recently released US Ps2 version of Accent Core Plus, if they have experienced any difficulties playing it on 80 gig Ps3? With the standard US version of Accent Core it sometimes freezes at the start screen with a 80 gig Ps3 because of their limited backwards compatibility, as compared to the 60 gig Ps3 which has no such problems at all. Just would like to know if the new game has any issues of that nature. Thanks in advance for your responses.

I think that GGXXAC+ has the same problems as the original on the 80 gig PS3s (randomly freezing on the opening AKSYS logo). There’s a couple topics over on Gamefaqs talking about it.

There’s also a lot of things being said about ps3 dvd reading making the drive to fail.
I read so much stuff I can’t figure what’s going on and what’s true or false.

There’s no logical way that a dvd would make the drive fail any faster than reading BD, the system may have to spin the dvd’s faster than the bd’s but disc spinners haven’t been a major issue since the ps1. It also has a diode specifically for dvd’s so it would make sense that if one exclusively plays ps2/dvd content on their ps3 these problems would manifest themselves.