Any CPU builders In Here


Whats up anyone have any experience with building CPU I will most likely use it for LoL, some music production, fapping multi media

and should I consider Mac/ Macbooks laptops etc

anyone got recommendations im willing to spend like $1k for the macbook but would go cheaper for PC the more money i can save the better tho


A Mac will cost you considerablily more than a PC with the same specs. Go to and look at the machines that fit into you budget then do the same on apple’s site then compare. Keep in mind the Mac is can be installed on a non Mac brand pc, look up hackinstosh.


I have a friend who works at Intel. But I don’t think he works in the R&D department for their new line of processors; I think it was custodial duties last I remember…


We talking 'bout a CPU or a PC?


i got the monitor i just need a tower etc… or a laptop but i dont know a thing about building one i hear thats the best way to go


Building your own tower can be very rewarding g if you are technically inclined and willing to learn. If you are neither of those things it will be very frustrating. Additionally, building you own places the risks of operation fully on you shoulders. If something stops working you will have to troubleshoot it yourself.
I find that presently I prefer to buy pre built solutions and tweak to my needs. My current general use machine is an Asus g75 laptop that I added some ram to. Even though I am a IT guy and have all the skills needed to design and build entire data centers let alone a killer PC I prefer the convinience of the premade machine.
I guess it comes down to the experience you want. If the idea of taking up the build and maintaince of the machine as a hobby excites you then do that. If you just want a box for games and stuff and don’t want to muck about with the guts then get a premade.


i might have to get an asus laptop do they overheat? ive had bad luck with laptops overheating on me

and yea i might as well go the premade route im gonna look for ram too


I honestly don’t find building a PC very hard. Its a skill with some supervision you could teach a 8 year old child to do.
Troubleshooting is (I could say) a little bit more in-depth, but then again I am more naturally inclined to the technical then the average person.


I agree with the above post. Ontop of that, Its not worth buying a laptop for gaming. You will pay more for it and it will not only deteriorate at a much higher rate but you cant slowly upgrade the same way you can with a PC. Me and my friend built my PC and I’ve just slowly beefed it up over time. That said, you dont need anything too powerful for LoL (Dota player here). And I use my stuff for multimedia while dota etc all the time! Get an i5 with lots of ram and a half decent video(like a gtx 660 or something and you will be set for a while lol.


a website called futuremark helped me decide on the hardware for my rig. they let you see the performance ratings vs the cost for all kinds of video cards and cpus. in the end i decided on an i5 with a 660 card. alotgether it was about 750. don’t spend too much, there gets to be a point where you pay for performance that you can’t even reach on most PC games.


I have experienced no overhearing issues with my g75 as it has a large cooling system for a laptop. That said just because I use a laptop doesn’t make it the best option for you. I am in the road often so that colored my choice.

@darksul yes you can teach an 8 year old to build but they would have to be willing to learn and that was the main thrust of my post. Some don’t find hobby builds fun.


@haney‌ I love building PCs. What software do you use for your music production? If it’s known to run better on Macs, you might consider those, but generally you can get more bang for your buck on the PC side of things. A good place to help you pick parts is the Tech Report System Builder’s Guide. LoL isn’t all that demanding even at the highest settings – I’d say something like a Core i3 w/ 8 GB of RAM (mainly for future proofing / RAM is cheap; 4 GB should be more than enough for what you’ve stated) and some mid-range video card – Geforce 750 Ti or 760, maybe a Radeon R9 270? Something like that.

If you’re looking to save money, I’d say take the Tech Report ‘Budget’ Sample build ($570), change the 4 GB of RAM to 8 GB (+$35) and go with the Core i3 over their Pentium (+$55) and consider changing out the 1 TB mechanical drive for a 256 GB Solid State Drive (+$55) for a decent $715 machine.

If you don’t have a monitor, I really like this 23" 1080p IPS display. It’s $170, but it’s a pretty nice monitor. We’ve got a few around the building here at work.

Or, if you’d prefer a laptop, the Lenovo Y50 is $1100, but a pretty good machine!

A guy I used to work with actually does work for Intel in their lithography department (i.e., making the chips smaller – keeping Moore’s Law on track). I do not envy him at all right now, haha. :slight_smile:


advice that I give to folks for any build:

there are things that you should not skimp on:

Power supply coming in at the top of my list.
Personal preference for me is the thermaltake toughpower line. I also go with a larger output than needed to future proof it.

For longevity, a decent CPU. I don’t care either way if you go AMD or Intel… some will stick to their preference like its a religion.
I am currently running the Intel Core i7-4790K… and it is a freaking beast and hard to beat the price/performance.

As noted in an above post… get an SSD hard drive for your OS install. This is non-negotiable in ANY computer I build now. Reason being is that it is the MOST notable difference in a PC. Boot/Load/install/overall computing are so fast that you will never want to go back to a regular hard drive again (as a main/OS drive… Still get a fast HDD like a western digital black for the bulk of your programs.

16 gigs ram nowadays is the norm. You will not need all of that but 8 would be the minimum I put in, with it being so cheap just drop in.

Video Card… get the best bang for the buck if on a budget.
I prefer Nvidia… never had a bad card from them.


For what the op is talking about using this for, you don’t need modern tech. A top of the line 2006 windows xp machine could handle what he is talking about doing.


That would be a disservice


I dunno man, I prefer XP for mame and older games in general. I have a pretty decent modern rig, I just don’t like it.


I find XP kinda limited compared to what the later gen Windows OS can deliver
Windows XP is limited to 3.5 GB ram and 2 TB of total HDD space

Windows XP can’t even run on my current desk top


Windows 7 is a much better “low end” OS these days, especially if it’s going to be connected to the Internet. It can run okay on 2 GB of RAM; might even play LoL… but if you’re going to build a machine why not build something that’ll be decent all around?

I wouldn’t recommend anyone go with XP anymore.


You don’t need more than 2 GB RAM for an XP build. Also, I don’t connect an XP machine to the internet. Strictly MAME and old games. Though you could use it for mild surfing and not put any personal data on it. I also think modern games suck, so I don’t play anything newer than Icewind Dale.


Just to add to this. If you’re in canada the equivalent is Canada computers! That site is amazing. And I agree with this as far as products. Which is funny because its what I suggested in the post above :smiley:

Also! Windows 7 is clunky in comparison to Windows 8. Its optimized for current rigs and its not worth it not to get windows 8. Just saying. SSDs are a good value as long as you dont need a lot of data as they get expensive once you want higher storage space. But for placing all of your games and operating system on the SSD its a good call for sure. 8 gigs of ram is all the guy needs. And if you want a great bang for your buck card. You can get a gtx 660. Honestly, ATI for our current generation dropped the ball and the GTX cards are way better. This is my first Nvidia card after owning ATI my entire life. And I dont think i will be going back lol