Any creative ideas on how to decorate a hammond enclosure?


I’m planning on buying this:

1598HSGYPBK Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures, Boxes, & Cases

As I saw it in a local store for cheap and I really like the size (and the thickness is perfect for the Sanwa snap-ins I have).

I can’t really think of any great ideas on how to decorate the top panel. If you’re familiar with these types of hammond boxes (they’re fairly common), you’ll know that the surface is quite rough. I’m not sure if a decal will stick well.

I was thinking of putting a thick layer of black paint (I want it to be black) and then maybe put the decal on the paint after. Any thoughts on this?



Not sure how well it would work, but maybe some laminate would make it smoother.


i don’t think that box has enough room for a jlf with proper spacing to be honest


if you do get the parts to fit in there i suggest wood burning techniques…like so…

EDIT : nevermind…thought it was wood…i’m a little drunk, i’m allowed to make mistakes…lol


Dammit. You’re right. This is the first arcade stick I’m building and I didn’t even think about this.

The box in only 40mm tall and the joystick (according to Sanwa Joystick JLF-TP-8YT-W (White)) is 105mm tall (including a ball top it seems). Assuming a 35mm ball top, we want the distance from the top panel to the bottom of the ball top to be 23mm. So that means 105 - 23 - 35 = 47mm is the minimum box height for a JLF series (not taking into account thickness of bottom panel).

Ah well, I guess my enclosure hunt will have to continue. I hate wood-working so I don’t really want to buy some MDF and build a box. I don’t want to spend a lot so I don’t want to buy a pre-made box. I have a feeling my prototype shoebox joystick that I plan to make as soon as I receive my parts will be more permanent than temporary!

If you guys have any advice for enclosures in the GTA (I see you’re both in Toronto, I’m in Mississauga), I’d love to hear it. I just went through all the stock at Sayal Electronics near the Pearson Airport.

And even though this isn’t a wood box, I’m a happier man for having seen that wood burning art you made. Are those from a stencil or something? They’re amazing.


if you can wait, i’m gonna start building cases again at the end of april when all my exams are over


sigh…that’s not my work, i just googles wood burning…it IS amazing…whoever that is.


You could always use a aluminum carrying case. Their is a quite a few stick builds that took that approach, I done 2 sticks that way.