Any critique is appreciated



leave any thing you have to say…if ur like wtf u can watch the related vids to kinda get the point behind it all


There’s a video section on this site.

Worthless thread in GD…


Awesome thread dude, you should totally keep making threads


^^ ummm im sensing sarcasm ? ? am i right ?


Good production values, mediocre voice acting with sub par writing and terrible jokes.




On a more important note, my balls smell real bad, even after showering and spraying them with febreeze, any suggestions?


too kay nein


howd this turn into a discussion bout balls? ? ?


chop em off. some dude did it and he won a million dollars.


Surprised this shit isn’t closed yet.


why would it be closed…its general discussion meaning i can put what ever on the board…i mean yea it could be getting closed because this kids all but hurt about his balls…but other than that i think its good


or you could read the rules and post shit in the appropriate section like 95% of the other members on this board.


well u could be right and u could be wrong

lets take a look at the description right underneath General Discussion

General Discussion Discuss anything you like. But if you’re talking about fighting games, please take it to Fighting Game Discussion!

^^ Hmm now unless im mistaken i think that says anything as long as its not fighting game related…

for more butt hurtin responses wait for another reply


or you could stop being a stubborn cock knob and take your shit to the appropriate forum. there’s a video section as mentioned before in this thread and you could at least own up to being wrong. but nope, this is the intarwebs and you must be right.


Using Vegett0’s wallpaper as an avatar, eh?

Watches video

Ha, she pulled a scratcher from under her boob.

Continues watching

Okay, so I watched this episode. My thoughts: I liked it. Nothing to critique because I found it funny. Good stoner late night television, like ATHF was when it first aired. Speaking of which, your theme is reminiscent of that theme.

There’s my three cents. Keep the change.



Why do you think we have a video subforum?)





Stop complaining about what we have to say.


See. That means it’s for whatever.


im not being a, how did u say it,hmmmm (or you can stop being a) oh yea subborn cock knob…im just sayin that im not wrong as it clearly states anything goes…dont get all butt hurt cuz i proved a point…its cool every one gets made to look dumb sometimes…i mean maybe it happens to u more than others but u dont gotta go pms’ing about it, so and umm wuts up with all the ppl bringin up cocks and balls ? ? u havin problems with yo sexuality bro ? maybe ask yo mommy what to do…but i mean u dont have to go redirecting ppl cuz if u think about for a second. if u wouldnt post “im surprised this isnt dead yet” or “this should be on the video board” if u didnt post on it, it would go away…wow i know its like i couldnt believe it either when i thought about it…good day

and to the other guy hope u enjoy the rest of the vid


yo and that charles manson vid is hilarious