Any decent block strings

what can I do with Ryo. I like playing this guy but i can’t seem to apply any pressure with him. any help would be appreciated

These are what I use. Keep in mind I’m not top tier player.

round begns: I do one of these: 1)be ready to dp+lp if you see ANY opponent movement, 2) rdp+mp, then dp+lp psychic dp, 3)jump back, or vs Hibiki 4)jump straight up, mk. Don’t do db,f+k in fact don’t do it much at all. Only time it’s good is when you TOTALLY see a reppuken(or power wave) coming.

strings… sorry, no A groove chipping cc yet.
crossover, / lp zanretsuken, superjump back xx hcb+lp, dp+lp(dp whiffs… it’s “psychic” dp)
s.lp, c.lp, dash and grab
c.lpx3 then rdp+p
jump, on way up lp xx midair qcf+p
hcb+p(hit), d(charge), f+hk will corpse hop
on wake up, do f,b,f+mp JUST outside DP range(only center punches hit, low and high will wiff)