Any delay in response time?


Just a quick tech question. I’m going to be making a custom stick it’s PS3 and wired (USB). Problem is, the cord is a few feet short of what I would like. Before I go through the trouble of making a stick out of this particular pad I would like to know ---->

Would a USB extension cable give any delay/lag in response of the controller?




A USB extension cable won’t provide any delay in response time unless it’s unnecessarily long (I think I read somewhere around 10-15 feet?). So no worries if you’re just using it to extend the cord maybe an additional 3 feet or whatever.


great! thanks guys :slight_smile:

now to make up my dang mind between happ and sanwa components hehe


i think the maximum length they sell USB cables is 16 feet, so just keep it within that, and you should be dandy.