Any difference between sf4 madcatz pads vs ssf4 madcatz pads?

Got my eye on the t.hawk one but gamestop was all sold out, they only had juri… so is there any differences between this years model of the pad or are they exactly the same?

Nope, they’re the same thing. shit. Don’t bother with mad catz pads, they don’t do shit for “upping your game” over a regular old 360 pad (better d-pad yeah, but you should be using the analog stick anyways) and they last for like 3 weeks if not already broken. Stick with the regular controller or buy a stick.

Lies. Lies from your mouth.

MadCatz pads are generally pretty good (been using a “Blanka” one since a Best Buy sale sometime last year, works great still), they’re a decent solution if you don’t want to fool with a stick. You won’t be getting the same control you will from say, a TE stick, but you’ll be able to do some things you can’t do with the stock pad. Or the analog, which is only used by people with brain syphilis.

If you’re on 360 and you want to do things like “stand in your living room while playing”, MadCatz pad is pretty good! It shan’t hold up your flow.

(Some say they have a “floaty” d-pad. I should hope so. They advertise such a thing on the back of the box! It’s as close as you’re going to get to the skinny-model Saturn pad on 360 without trickery, IMO.)

Shifting this over to Tech Talk…they know their pads and sticks…

I also wanted to know this, I wanted to ask MarkMan about this but his Inbox is full. Wanted to know if they at least updated it’s PCB or something for them not dieing out.

The only difference is you can’t get the SSF4 pads in Canada.

Does anyone actually know first hand? I’m using the blanka one as we speak works great been a pad player my whole life and shown most stick players their ass in cvs2 rcing them to hell… so picking a good pad is important for me since I CANT USE STICK, don’t know why but just never liked the movement control.