Any difference between

…the regular Sega Saturn Controller and the PS2 Saturn Controller? I always hear the PS2 one getting praise but there’s literally none out there for a reasonable price. Is there actually anything different about it than its PS2 port and the select button?

I hear some people say the original Saturn d-pad is better but otherwise they are basically the same. If there was a Saturn to PS adapter the PS2 Saturn pad wouldn’t be worth as much as it is.

How much are they worth? I remember I got one a while ago because I was interested in a 6 button pad, but I don’t like it that much because I already have a stick.

I would imagine a PS2 Saturn pad in good condition could fetch at least $75 bucks. There was someone in the thread about pads trying to find one before a tourny if you want to sell.

I am looking for one, I’ll spend $60 shipped.

if you guys hold on to these things forever they wont be worth anything =p
not to many of us pad players out there left, or 2d gamers in general.

I found the PS2 saturn d-pad much stiffer than the saturn one, though I only used it briefly before switching back to an arcade stick. I sold mine as new, with box for $20 =\

wow, why cant I find any deals like that =p

A friend of mine had a saturn ps2, your right it did feel a little stiffer, but I guess that was because it was new and the saturn pads I was using had years of HARD abuse on them and prolly loosened up to perfection, heh.