Any differences between 3S jap and 3S US on DC?

alright so i have no ps2 and thus have to settle for the DC version of 3S. i was looking on ebay and there were quite a few japanese versions of 3S listed (less bids on them than US versions too). so i was thinking about just picking up a japanese version of the game . anyone know if there are any considerable differences (besides the obvious difference in language)? thanks in advance.

Nope. Same same. Hell, on Gamefaqs they have a whole menu breakdown so you don’t have to worry about translating those either. Go to it.

N - ‘Settle’ my ass!

You speak as if it’s a burden to play on a Dreamcast. The Dreamcast to me is the 2nd best systems to come out during it’s time (We all know the best system of its’time was the Neo-Geo Cart System).

some glitches work on the jap only version.

well considering the ps2 version is a lot closer to the arcade version than the DC version, yes i do consider it a burden. input lag makes the game a burden, diff juggle properties make it a burden, no unblockables make it a burden, etc. on DC version i cant practice dudley, urien, or oro stuff just like in the arcade, and a bunch of yun stuff is diff. PS2 port > DC port in terms of being closer to the original arcade version. ask anyone else which one they would take if they wanted a port close to the arcade version.

im not saying the DC is a bad 2d fighter system. its great for ggx, mvc2, cvs2, etc., but capcom didn’t do a very accurate port when it brought 3S to the DC.