Any DLC on the way

not that im complainig but does anyone know if there is any DLC on the way ? any rumors

LIVE already got additional colors as DLC a while ago. No word as to when it’ll appear on PSN (if it will at all for that matter).

Haven’t heard anything yet. The trend seems to be something along the lines of Live always getting DLC’s before PSN does for multiplatform games.

We need more DLC!

TBH I hope not, with the exception of colors/music/other passive things I think changing the gameplay with DLC at this point would be really bad.

The game hasn’t been out long enough to just rush and change things.

look at the story mode menu screenshot. notice anything different from the retail copy?



the tab next to “TIPS” that appears blank in the story mode menu originally read “DLC”. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?!



No really, there will probably be some DLC, more than likely some minor re-balancing.

Yea we need rebalancing, bang, tager, and hakumen need some buffs.

I am all for buffs, but I think Nu should get a nerf before anything.

there will be no rebalancing in any game with an arcade release, not UMK3 not SF4 and not Blazblue or KOFXII either. This isn’t halo, cod4 or sc4. That said, it’s pretty cool seeing that screenshot because that means theirs definitely some type of DLC story being worked on that will probably come with a few extra artworks and maybe more character colors included.

You don’t think after SBO they could maybe like re-release a balanced version of BB?
I guess that would be quite the stretch, the game isn’t THAT broken to where they would need a re-release. Guess we just have to wait until the next version of BB for some re-balancing. I would imagine they wouldn’t add any characters until the next version of BB (Though I suppose it wouldn’t be TOTALLY impossible), but I would HOPE to see some kind of story add-on, all though it probably wouldn’t be like…The main story, considering that Tsubaki and a few other characters would HAVE to be playable in order for the story to advance, but any little side-story would be greatly appreciated.
P.S., I would be SO down for more “Teach me! Miss Litchi!”

well if you look at the story mode screen with everything unlocked, there’s still room for two more characters

also if you move the countdown timer on the select screen, yet again room for two more

dun dun dunnnn

[details=Spoiler]also in the “The Seal of Fate is now broken” screen, there’s THREE patterns in the background that look like character Signs we haven’t seen before. (two on either side of the screen are brighter blue & one is a larger grey sign in the middle)

so, yeah, i think Arc may just bring two more characters into the game which begs the question: who’s joining Tsubaki? [/details]

purportedly on mIRC chat that was shown to be completely wrong and ArkSys intends to balance patch the game after SBO. not sure if they meant it’s coming out after SBO or just “some time after,” but that’s what the rumor is.

It’s also funny how you try to cite all these examples, but really only 1 of them (SFIV) is valid. BlazBlue is the game we are talking about, so you can’t use it as an example, KOFXII just came out so it’s too new to be proof of anything, and UMK3 is like a decade old and made by a company that cares nothing for competitive balance.

didn’t the various MK cabinets get revisions for glitches back in heyday of arcades?

besides, technically, didn’t midway stop existing recently anyway? :xeye:

dun dun dunnnn


Well, other than Tsubaki, I would have to assume Terumi (taking the form of Hazuma) would be a lock, and the 3rd character would probably have to be either Jubei or Hellsing. More than likely Hellsing, since Arc already had a similar character in Slayer, but who knows.

You must not have played SF4, because it WAS rebalanced in the Championship mode patch. It added startup frames to Fei Long’s heavy Chickenwing move to remove his infinite, and it removed low invulnerability on one of Zangief’s lariats.

Aksys can do whatever they want to the game, and they (supposedly) said that Nu and Ara are their top priority.

That IS true.
Did SF4 get the same re-balancing in the arcades?

It’s Aksys who said it. I wouldn’t really trust anything that isn’t straight from Arcsys.

KoF12 is out in the arcades long enough, and the general consensus I think is that it’s already pretty balanced as is.

No, ARCsys can do whatever they want.

Aksys is just the publisher.

Really though, any balance patch I think would be released in the arcades for testing way before they release on consoles.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t patch it for balance, it’s different from the arcade version anyways, so they’re not preserving arcade perfect conditions or anything.


How is it different from the arcade version?

There aren’t any changes as far as I know. Everything has been preserved.

There aren’t even any console only characters.

Other then astral heats and BANGBANGBANG BAAAANG, but they hardly factor into balance anyway.