Any easy infinite

guys i need lot of help on this one. me and some friends are haing a little bet on who can do an infine the longest ,but the problem is i dont know any easy infinets i can do. all i know is mags and ironman but i havent mastered them so plz if u can me any easy infinte i’ll appreciate it alot.

Those ARE the easiest infinites.

dude i could barely do ironmans and i dont even get close doing magz i need some aother like storm or somethings.


What he said, that is if your talking about infinites that work on characters in general, otherwise the easiest infinite to do on a specific character >> .:eek:sentinel, is to take strider, jumping lk mk hp hk land and repeat (:confused: so simple). Usually the dizzy effect comes into place after 50 hits more or less :bluu:

ironman definetely has the easiest infinite that works on most of the characters so i suggest just practice his.

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If you can’t do Magneto’s, you won’t ever be able to do Storm’s.

TRUE DAT SO MUCH, even i can’t land it :o unless it’s the one on sentinel :evil:

how does mags infinite go ? maybe i’m pressing the buttons, and i dont gets strider., d.hp, superjump, hk, airdash d/f, d+lk, lk, land, [superjump, lk, lk (do these 2 lk as fast as u can), pause till you’re about 1/2 a body above opponent*, airdash d/f + d+lk**, lk (do these 2 lk as far away, timewise, as possible)]

  • this is one of the parts where most people mess up… they do the airdash way too early
    ** this is the most important part. 2 methods (that I know of) to do this:
    slide - hold d/f, press 2p, then immediately slide down to lk button with your index finger while lifting your middle finger to avoid hitting hk.
    claw - hold d/f, press 2p, and press lk with your thumb immediately after you press 2p.

hope this helps :smiley:

Just do ironman’s. His is the easiest.


call psy, j.lp,,, j.hp reapeat (without psy).


Rogue has an easy semi-infinite with speed up. C.LP, C.MP, over again.:stuck_out_tongue:

it’s lp, lk, mp, up-forward hp

and ya, that is the easiest :P. If i can do it, so can u ^^.

ummmm… no its not newb… its [j.lp, j.lp,, j.u+hp]

IF they start getting low, THEN you do lk, lp, lk, u+hp

and rogue’s infinity puts the other guy into dizzy around the 20th hit, unless you reset w/ teleport, but even that… is a reset, and speedup eventually runs out…

does anyone know if felicia’s infinity is easy?

Felicia’s infinite is hella hard (and corner only). It’s s.rk, Rolling Buckler XX Neko Uppercut. Cancel the RB into NU immediately. And it may only have two moves, but it’s nigh impossible to continue for more than three reps or so. And I play Felicia on a regular basis, as you can see in my sig.

Felicia has a semi-infi that isn’t too bad (also corner only):
call Sentinel, rk throw, Please Help Me!, fp Rolling Buckler XX Sliding Kick XX Please Help me!, {jp Rolling Buckler XX Sliding Kick XX Please Help Me!} Repeat the part in brackets. Obviously, this can only be continued until the meter runs out, and it’s rollable, but if they don’t roll you should kill them before meter runs out anyway.

Blackheart by far has the easiest infinite. I dont know how anyone could say other wise.

BH’s infinite requires you to airdash meaning, 1 missed button = end of infinite. Anyway, easiest infinite is IM’s normal jump one.


Magneto’s ininite is the easiest, isn’t it?

And you’re also wrong, noob.

When they get low, you do lk, mk, u+fp.

no lk lp lk u + fp works when they’re low…yours is right also but he’s not wrong

Maybe for someone like Sentinel, but the second lp won’t even connect.

after you set it up(use psy for better results) when you jump you press lp, mp, quickly… now wait 1/2 a seg. then press mk, 1/2 seg. pause then u+hp, then do the same shit basically all you gotta do is hold the stick u/f,then input the infinate over and over again and when in the corner do 2 reps. holding up then one holding u/f , simple as that . i assume you know how to set up the infinate with psy but just in case when psy hits them , when they start to fall jump u/f and hold u/f then input the infinate just as i told you , IM’s infinate is very easy the hard part is setting it up( excluding psy, cable and other assists).

hope this helps you:D