Any emus other than ZSNES that direct connect?

Netplay on ZSNES is what I’d consider perfect, are there any other emus that use direct connection, either UDP or TC/IP? I was playing Streets of Rage on Gens today but then the damn server crashed on lvl 4!! :sad:

lots of older emulators for NES, Genesis, SNES, and gameboy.

ZSNES netlpay is unmatched tho

I really need a genesis emulator that can do that, do you know the names of any?

If you just don’t want to depend on somebody else’s server but don’t mind Kaillera you could run your own Kaillera server.

Yeah that’s the plan unless I find another Genesis emu that direct connects. The problem with a private server is that my friend who I want to play Streets of Rage with is 2,000 miles away, so if I’m the host of the server he’ll have lag and my game will be silky smooth.

there was a spinoff vesrion of the old genecyst emulator that had TCP/IP netplay like the spinoff nesticle back in the day.

it kinda sucked tho and sucks even more on windows xp now since it was a DOS emu- it like lags whenever you change screens. Personally I wouldnt bother in yuor quest to find somethin like ZSNES- just use kaillera over Gens and find a moer relaible server/make your own.

its not the connection method alone that makes ZSNES so reliable. I’ve played probably about 10 diff emus that have serverless netplay, and NONE of them are near as reliable as ZSNES- soem disconnect for no apparent reason, some lag, lots desync.