Any ever taken, or know someone who has taken Acutane(Isotretinoin)?


It’s a pill that helps a ton with acne that no other medication/antibiotics can treat.

There are some serious side effects and stuff such as birth defects and mental health problems(suicidal thoughts and depression)


is there no other option for your friend? Nothing else has worked? Seems a bit drastic to take this.


Does it surprise you? Most the FDA approved pills put out in this country will kill you or make you kill yourself. Yet marijuana is still illegal. I’m so glad to live in a country run by logic…oh wait, money, america is run by money. My mistake.


Had a cousin take it, said it was fucked up. Talk with your doctor, that’s what they get paid for.


I have used it. It’s some powerful shit. Your lips will feel extremely dry all the time (so carry around a chap stick), but, god damn, that stuff kills acne really fast. I never felt depressed when using it, so I’m guessing it will only affect people who already have mental health problems.


My brother took it, got rid of all the acne. I was going to take it as well, but then my family found out about the bad side effects so I didn’t take it. My acne would probably be all gone by now, but I’d rather not take the risk.


hmmmmmmm actually wash my face, or risk killing myself. Tough choice.

I wonder what will come up next.

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i don’t know anyone who has taken it, and i really don’t recommend it. i used to have a face full of acne; it’s gone now and hasn’t come back. no accutane required.


obligatory arrow to the knee joke


Unfortunately for some people just washing your face doesn’t do the trick.

I personally would never take a pill for acne, especially one with possible side effects like those.


Acne is generally puberity related. Once you get over it you get over it for good. If there’s scarring, then see a dermatologist, otherwise leave that shit alone, ball out of sight against niggas trying to hate on you for having a pizza face, and wait until your face clears up.

Oh god, I let my first GF go because of acne and being stupid kids, but yeah, I could have got back with her and I SO should have. She was sooooo fine the last time I saw her, outside of puberty. You live and you learn. And grow out of acne. That pill sounds like it will fuck you up for life. Why do it? :tup:


I took it when I was younger. It was alright, but they’re not kidding about the side effects, it had me feeling strange. I never felt suicidal or anything like that, but occasionally I would react to things in an unusual way and wonder why I did. I felt fine after I stopped taking it though, but just the thought of taking it again used to be really disturbing to me.

long story short, it probably wont make you jump off a cliff, but go into it knowing that it’s no joke.


mine was really really bad. i was probably a candidate for accutane. actually, i did take oral medication for acne when i was younger! i forgot about that. the pills were pretty big, did NOT taste good, and they didn’t work. it was just a prescription from my regular doctor, so i don’t think it was accutane.

i know a lot of people say this, but i really did find the best skin care in the world. i use it everyday. i actually do a million things to make sure i don’t break out again. i swear, i used to break out just by looking at candy, but now it’s really hard for me to break out. woo hoo!


no offense, but i HATED when people would say this. i started getting acne in the 5th grade. i don’t know about the rest of you, but i had a freakin’ problem lol. if i left it alone, i’d probably still have it. when it comes to accutane, just say “no”! =]


what a shitty sensationalist generalization about medication with side effects.

If your acne is that bad, I don’t see why you shouldn’t take it. Dermatologist ain’t gonna do shit about the scarring that comes with bad acne. Just be responsible and pay attention to how you respond to others and other stuff.

@OP, has your friend or you taken other acne medication (pills), I believe a specialized anti-biotic did the job for me. You shouldn’t just jump in the deep end if you havent explored other avenues.


Like I said, ball outta sight, nigga. Acne ain’t no thing. :tup:


I took acutane during my high school days. It really helped but that shit is potent as hell. My face, scalp, body, and lips were always extremely dry to the point of cracking if I didn’t use lotion. I recommend it as long as you are mindful of your liver and your skin dryness. I had the cystic-type acne and acutane took care of it.


Bruv i thought there was a class action lawsuit on accutane due to organ damage. I just finished taking soriatane about two months ago, which is a refined version of accutane of sorts, and man it wasnt fun. Dried my skin out all over, made my psoriasis worse(why i was taking it) and toward the end, my liver was starting to fail a bit so i took myself off of it. Have you tried a salyic acid wash?


i also heard about that lawsuit.
salicylic acid can be okay, but most acne products use too much of it. why don’t you try some aloe vera?
PRO TIP: you can buy it at the store if you want, but it’s not supposed to be green! try getting an aloe very plant if you want to go all out.